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Alpha-Stim™ Package

The Alpha Stim™ is a non-invasive device that can immediately and cumulatively release the effects of stress and trauma.  

The dramatic research results demonstrate that short-term use can decrease anxiety up to 94%.  Cumulative and lasting results are best achieved after just 21 days of daily use for 20-60 minutes.  

The Alpha-Stim™ Package consists of a powerful 

1-hour clinical session with a Holistic Mind Wellness Practitioner 


at home rental of the Alpha-Stim™ for the following 3 weeks. 


Learn more about the Alpha-Stim™ from Heather on Fox 26, and from a recent Dr. Oz episode.

“After a very traumatic year of three family deaths, a job loss and a move, I was pretty spent mentally, physically, but mostly emotionally. Not only was I dealing with tremendous stress but also with anxiety. This is when I knew I had to reach out to my “tribe” at Heights of Health. They gave me a schedule of using the Alpha Stim™ twice daily at 60 minutes for three weeks. I can honestly say that this machine has been a tremendous help. It has totally calmed my anxiety, and has helped me to release my stresses. I am a true believer in the Alpha-Stim™.” -S.H.

$415 total

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