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Amanda Mirabella

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® 

Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Master MBSR™ Practitioner + Director of Program Development and Lead Instructor at  MBSR™ Academy 

Master ECR™ Practitioner

BioResonance Practitioner

BA in Psychology from Texas A&M University

Compassionate. Soulful. Practical health. 

Amanda graduated with honors with a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Since beginning work at Heights of Health, Amanda firmly believes in naturopathy as “the reconciling, harmonizing, and unifying of nature, humanity, and God.”

Amanda strives to provide clarity and education, help clients achieve self-compassion, and promote healing. She's endured health challenges such as Hashimoto's, a spinal tumor, cavitations (infection in the jaw), yet she's experienced drastic, lasting improvements in her own physical and emotional health, and is passionate about sharing that experience with others.


 She feels there’s a tremendous need to bring more connection, joy, and simplicity to the world of holistic health, and recognizes that nutrition is important, but it’s also only one piece of the puzzle. There is never a single factor or root cause that is contributing to symptoms or illness. Understanding our health is akin to untangling a knot; it’s learning to understand a multitude of scenarios and factors that contribute to illness and patiently, methodically working towards a solution. 


Amanda combines her formal education as a HHP and BCHN® and her training as a Master ECR™ and MBSR™ practitioner to bring the benefits of nutrition counseling and energetic work to each of her clients.  She is a lead instructor at Mind Body Spirit Release Academywhere she's helped to train and support hundreds of practitioners in MBSR

Amanda worked and trained at Heights of Health in Houston for over three years before relocating to Denver, Colorado. She opened up Heights of Health's Denver location where she sees clients remotely or in-person. Amanda resides in Denver with her husband, where they love to explore the outdoors as often as possible.

Amanda's services include:

Holistic Wellness initial assessments and followups

Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR)™ initial assessments and followups

For holistic health information, recipes, and tips follow along on Instagram @Mirabella Holistic Health!

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