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Bioenergetics Technology

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
-Nikola Tesla

Disease or ill health is usually not caused by a single factor, it is a build-up of stressors over time that interfere with our body’s natural healing mechanism. Bioenergetics helps us to determine those interferences by identifying the frequency signatures of your unique stressors.


Since the discovery of Quantum Physics, we know that each substance, living or non-living, emits unique and measurable electromagnetic waves – that substance’s frequency signature. A Bioenergetics system can measure these frequency signatures to determine the underlying causes of imbalance and ill health in the body. In doing so, the Bioenergetics practitioner is able to address these imbalances to help the body restore balance and support its natural healing mechanism.

Our Bioenergetics Technologies scan for thousands of signature frequencies, from foods to nutrients, pathogens to toxins, and emotions to relationships. It is an effective tool to help us get to the root of your health challenges, rather than just address your symptoms.

Our Bioenergetics systems are used in Initial Sessions and Re-Evaluations to help us create individualized health protocols for our clients. Being mindful that we are all different with different goals, needs and bodies, our practitioners develop an individualized strategic health plan for each of our clients – we don’t rely of protocols or cookie-cutter approaches.

Come see the difference innovative holistic health support can do for you at Heights of Health.

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