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ECR™ Initial Appointment

Holistic Body Wellness

This BioResonance system provides a wealth of information about stressors and imbalances in the body and energetic field. The skilled practitioner recognizes patterns in these imbalances and, along with her vast experience and expertise, develops a personalized strategic health plan for the client. In collaboration with the client, the practitioner will utilize Muscle Response Testing to further individualize the recommendations. After this, the dedicated practitioner will perform an ECR™ clearing to help relieve some of these stressors on the body and speed the self-healing process.

Typically, the practitioner will recommend a follow-up sessions every 1-4 weeks for a few sessions to track progress, adjust the program as needed and perform additional ECR™ clearings to speed the healing process. These sessions are 30-60 minutes and do not involve the BioResonance technology, however, it is common for the practitioner to recommend a 60-90 minute re-evaluation/follow-up on the BioResonance within 3-4 months of the initial appointment. Our aim is to support our clients through the healing and balancing process with compassionate and collaborative care, Inspiring Positive Change. After health goals are achieved, clients will typically return every 6-8 months for a re-evaluation on the BioResonance system to catch imbalances before they manifest as health concerns.

Tracy, Sonya and Laura see clients for this initial appointment, as well as, follow-ups. Cheryl  is also available for follow-ups.

Cost for the initial appointment is $255-295; follow-ups are $85-90 for 30 minutes.

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