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Energy Balance and Healing

“Health is life energy in abundance.” 
- Julia H. Sun

Energy Balance and Healing is a proprietary technique that promotes healing through energy balance, stress reduction, and relaxation.  Cheryl Hensley, HHP, our Reiki Master and skilled ECR™ Practitioner will help you break through blockages in your own healing energy flow to detoxify and re-energize the body systems by incorporating Reiki, ECR™ and MBR™ into a powerful health-promoting modality.  After sessions, people often experience increased mental clarity and awareness with a deep sense of calm.

Concerning Matter, we have all been wrong.  What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.”

- Albert Einstein






Available Sessions with Cheryl:

30 Minutes: $85

45 Minutes: $127.50

60 Minutes: $170  

“For years I have traveled for miles to get Reiki and other natural services, all the while there was this amazing lil bungalow in my own neighborhood and I didn't even know it. The stars aligned when I met Cheryl. I've seen her twice now and I'm already starting to feel a lil more like my true self. Simply put, Cheryl is an amazing healer and such a wonderful giver of her talent to the local schools.”

T.R., Houston

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