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Healthier Family and Group Dynamics

Does your family or group need to create new space for love and balance?
Do you want to reconnect relationships?

Heights of Health’s powerful BioResonance technology can help improve your family dynamics. Almost all of Heights of Health’s clients have been scanned by our BioResonance machine to address imbalances in their own bodies. Did you know that this same powerful technology also has the ability to address imbalances among
families and groups of people?

Schedule an appointment today to explore your family/group dynamics.
Understand the dynamics between each individual in the group and how they relate and affect each person. By creating change in one part of the system, you can create change in the entire system. This is a powerful way to bring better understanding and connection within your family.

In the session you will discover shared emotional and physical imbalances and blocks, shared positive aspects and learn affirmations that will benefit you all. After the BioResonance scan, you will receive an ECR™ clearing to help facilitate the shift in your family/group dynamic.

As one of our beloved clients says, “This is just like energetic family counseling!”

The fee for 90-minute Initial appointments for clients new to Heights of Health is $255. The 60-minute Initial appointment for existing Heights of Health clients is $170. Follow-ups are 45-minutes at $127.50.

Cheryl is available for  this initial, as well as, follow-ups.

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