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HeartMath emWave® Biofeedback

Biofeedback therapy can help with everything from anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and disease in the body, cardiac imbalances and yes digestive challenges too?

The emWave® Pro is a highly sought-after and scientifically validated biofeedback system that teaches the user to bring the heart, mind and emotions into sync. We call this coherence. When individuals learn how to achieve coherence, research shows profound benefits in gut health, cardiovascular health, neurological clarity and emotional resilience. During these three sessions, you will train your mind and body to independently and quickly change old ineffective physiological stress responses, even when you’re not connected to the emWave software. 


emWave® Package

Three in-clinic training sessions. 

1. 1-hour session where you will learn specialized techniques for managing your own heart rate and stress response while hooked up to the biofeedback technology.

2. 30-minute session where you will continue to hone your coherence skills. 

3. 30-minute session where you will learn to transfer the training techniques into real life.



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