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Holistic Lifestyle Detox

We think about toxins as something we eat and drink, but often do not think about it as what we absorb through our skin (our largest organ) and our lungs. We are surrounded by sources of toxicity: the air we breathe, the water we drink, soap and personal care products we use- the list truly goes on and on. It’s crucial for our overall health to reduce the toxic burdens we place on our bodies. We recognize that this process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Amanda will guide you through the process of moving to a more toxin-free environment based on your particular needs and provide you with unbiased resources for non-toxic alternatives.  Her years of research, education and passion about living a toxin-free life are available to you in this amazing new service at Heights of Health.  

As with anything related to health, the dilemma is not a lack of resources or information, it’s the feeling of uncertainty, or “where do I even start?” Amanda will take the guesswork and hours of research off of your plate, and show you how to reduce your toxic burden. In addition, it’s a common concern that these non-toxic products won’t work as well as their mainstream counterparts. Rest assured these products have been extensively vetted to ensure that they are highly effective. 

In your initial Holistic Lifestyle Detox appointment, you will meet with Amanda for 60 minutes. She will review your intake, primary areas of concern, and budget. With this information, Amanda will use her education and experience to create an individualized lifestyle detox guide. In the follow-up sessions, Amanda will utilize Muscle Response Testing and Energetic Cellular Release to address chemicals and toxicants to that you were exposed to, and recommend other detox methods (Far InfraRed Sauna, Detox Footbaths, Epsom salt baths, lymphatic massage) that would be beneficial for you. 

Cost for the initial 60-minute appointment is $90, and 45-minute follow-up appointment is $67.50.

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