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"For years I have traveled for miles to get Reiki and other natural services, all the while there was this amazing bungalow in my own neighborhood and I didn't even know it. The stars aligned when I met Cheryl. I've seen her twice now and I already starting to feel more like my true self. Simply put, Cheryl is an amazing healer and such a wonderful giver of
her talent..."

T. R.

"I am feeling AMAZING! Feeling really calm and happy in myself, full of self-love and feeling the flow! Wow! What a wonderful way to be! Even as tension arises, I am able to smile and laugh at the transience of conflict. Thank you, thank you thank you!”

J. A., San Fransico

“I want to tell you that my session with you was transformational and amazing! I felt so much peace and a general sense of well being!...This is really working! Makes me feel like I am regenerating myself!”

J. B.

"Thank you so much, I see a big difference in her ability to control her  anger. She can get angry without it turning into rage. She is starting to  take more of an interest in school and we are getting along much better."

S. V., Texas

“Thank you so very much for your MBR[[MBSR] clearing this week, Laura!  I cannot tell you how much more clarity and peace I have.  The day after the clearing was the best and most clear-headed day I have had in months, if not years.  I feel like myself again.  Also, a strange thing happened, too.  For a month I had been experiencing a bad tooth pain with sensitivity, making it difficult for me to chew.  I had not been able to get into the dentist, but the pain totally went away after the clearing!  I am a believer and you are truly gifted.  Thank you so very much!”

T. S., Houston

"Thank you Tracy for all you do for and have done for me!!! I will be forever in your debt for the blessings you have bestowed upon me and mine. Yesterday was a GREAT success!!! Thank you for equipping me with the armor I need to protect, love and take care of myself. To me, it is you, Sonya and the rest of the truly gifted ladies at Heights of Health who are the real gifts!!!"

J. C.

"The MBR [MBSR] sessions with Tracy challenge you to think about what you are grateful for about your body, and minimize negative self-talk; It challenged me to be intentional with what I eat and how I take care of my body. This, coupled with the clearings facilitated by Tracy, have greatly helped me to feel stronger and more confident in myself. I am extremely thankful for MBR [MBSR] and would recommend this service to anyone without hesitation."

J. S.

"MBR [MBSR] has enlightened me about my subconscious limiting beliefs and destructive thoughts about my body, that affect me physically and emotionally. MBR [MBSR] has restored a sense of love and appreciation for my body that I haven’t felt in some time. I am tremendously grateful for Tracy and her life-changing work. MBR [MBSR] is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself!"

A. M.

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