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Holistic Wellness Consultation

A Holistic Wellness Consultation is great for those seeking to:

  • Improve immune function, energy and vitality levels, hormonal balance, cognitive health, digestive health, quality of sleep, etc...

  • Reduce stress and inflammation in the body

  • Learn more about holistic health, positive lifestyle changes, and how to improve health

  • Obtain a Strategic Health Plan to enhance their health and wellbeing


How does it work?
Our Bioenergetics technology identifies imbalances that are at the root of what is keeping you from
being your best self. Your skilled practitioner will recognize patterns in these imbalances and develop
a personalized Strategic Health Plan just for you using her vast education and experience along with
a technique called Muscle Response Testing. Within your Strategic Health Plan, she will address your
specific imbalances with a holistic approach, which may include nutrition, supplementation,
detoxification, lifestyle adjustments and Energetic Cellular Release (ECR)™ to facilitate your body’s
self-healing process. 

​What to Expect

Before your appointment, you will fill out an Intake Form, create your personal portal and complete your Bioenergetics scan.  Instructions on how to complete this will be emailed after you schedule your initial appointment.  


During the appointment, you and your practitioner will : 


After your 90-120 minute session, you will have a plan to go forward in your health journey with a program tailor-made for you!  This may include recommendations for nutritional changes, lifestyle updates, addition of supplements or detoxification. To assess progress and support you on your health journey, follow-up appointments are recommended after 3-4 weeks.  In the interim, we are available via email and/or phone for any questions or concerns.

Sonya, Amanda, and Laura see clients for this initial appointment and follow-ups. 

Initial Appointment - in house

  • 2 hours / $400

Follow Up Appointments - in house

  • 1 hour / $200

Virtual Holistic Wellness Sessions
We are able to facilitate remote consultations with you. A specific appointment will be made but clients will not need to come into the office. You will complete an Intake Form, create your personal portal and complete your scan prior to your appointment the same as above.  The practitioner will review the scan and go over it with you via Zoom at your scheduled appointment time. For more information on how remote appointments work, read here.

Initial Appointment - virtual

  • 2 hours / $400

Follow Up Appointments - virtual

  • 1 hour / $200

What Clients Say

"I want to tell you how happy and grateful I am that [my friend] told me about you.  I honestly don't know what I would have done. I was so close to giving up. These past 10 years with insomnia and 8 years of allergies have been the worst. I don't even know how I function sometimes.  I am now sleeping and feeling so much better. Once again thank you for everything and for being understanding."
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