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Remote Services

Remote appointments

Our services can be completed remotely. This includes new client Holistic Wellness Consultations, ECR™, MBSR™, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Therapyand Energy Balancing with Reiki appointments, for both existing and new clients. Find more information here.

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Recommended Supplements

All our supplements are available for clinic porch pick-up, shipping, and delivery*. Call/Email to confirm availability. More about delivery information here.

If you would like a personalized recommendation, please call/email to schedule a remote appointment with a practitioner. 

The Basics

Intramax – Comprehensive and highly absorbable multi-nutrient

Vitamin D – Essential to immune function

Vitamin A and D – Keep immune and respiratory systems strong.

Zinc Glycinate – Strengthen your defenses and lymphatic system.

Vitamin C – The standby for staying healthy

NAC– Antioxidant, Liver Health, Immune Health, Mood

Probiotics – Keep the core of your immunity fortified!

The Boosters

ViRadChem & Biotoxin Binders – Absorb toxins from environment and pathogens (yeast, mold, bacteria, and viruses) that cause inflammation and suppress immunity.
Optimal Liposomal Glutathione – Powerful antioxidant and detoxification support
TUDCA Plus – Liver, Immune and detox support that fights against viruses
Core Mycelia – Blend of medicinal mushrooms to stimulate immune response.  Great for kids, too.
SUMA Combination – A combination of adaptogenic herbs to help balance stress and improve immunity

The Fighters

Viragraphis – powerful herbal to fight viral invasion
Core Myrrh – Combo to support healthy lungs
Core Olive Leaf – Strong Anti-microbial herb
Core Berberine – Support immune function, blood sugar balance and fight the baddies!
Molecula Silver – Micronized molecular silver with many uses – topical, sinus sprays, ingestion.

The Energetic Enhancers

Boost – Essential oil blend to help boost immune function
Defend – Essential Oil blend to fight off infection
Enhanced Homeopathics – These are our traditional homeopathics that have been imprinted with additional remedies to help improve immune function, lower inflammation, and increase emotional balance.

The Calmers

OptiMag Neuro – Blend of magnesiums to help reduce trauma, promote relaxation, improve sleep, & immune function
Mood Food ES – Neurotransmitter support for increased calm and ability to handle stress. 
B Activ – Methylated B Vitamins to support the body’s stress response, immune function and energy levels
Core Ashwagandha – Powerful adaptogen to support stress response and immune function.
Calm Five – Flower Essence Blend for immediate and cumulative help in reducing fear, anxiety, stress. Great for kids and pets, too.  

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