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Individualized Detox Program

Sluggish, Overweight, Toxic… Is this how you feel?

We offer a unique Detox Program to help you easily and effectively release toxic
materials from your system to regain your vitality a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

In order to set up your personalized detoxification program, you will meet with Laura Holland, ND (Trad.), HHP, CNHP for 60 minutes. She will perform an intake and assess your goals. With this information, Laura will use her education, experience and Muscle Response Testing to develop an Individualized Detoxification Program based on your bio-individuality. You will be given information about your diet, hydration, supplementation, and other detox methods (Far InfraRed Sauna, Detox Footbaths, Epsom salt detox baths) that would be beneficial for you. Laura will support you throughout your program.

Don’t you think it is time for a clean start?


Cost for the initial 1-hour appointment is $170; follow-ups are $85 for 30 minutes.