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Laura Holland ND (Trad.)

Traditional Naturopath
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Natural Health Professional
Certified ECR™ Practitioner

Master MBSR™ Practitioner
BioResonance Practitioner

Laura’s journey into healthful enlightenment began when she was seeking answers for her own difficulties after having been a compassionate caregiver for several loved ones battling debilitating cancers. In 2005, Laura was frustrated that conventional solutions were not alleviating her symptoms of night sweats, depression and extreme fatigue. Blood work and scans declared her “normal”, but she knew she wasn’t. Near the peak of her frustration, a friend recommended a visit with Tracy Southwick and in a short period, she was feeling signs of rejuvenation and recovery. Her life was evolving forever – for the good.

Laura’s personal passions are her faith and service of others. She is a wife of 25 years and a mother of two. She’s had a career in the corporate world and been an entrepreneur as an independent business owner. She has experienced many of the challenges that life can deal and is emerging with wisdom. She holds the qualities of kindness, compassion, sincerity and trust at the center of her being with the basis and power for these values residing in her Christian faith.

Over the past ten years, Laura has come to see her journey into the world of Natural Health as her higher purpose – a Kingdom Calling. She has found complete peace and fulfillment in learning, sharing and helping others improve the quality and depth of their lives through balance, connectivity and nutrition. Whether it’s with her family, friends, coworkers or clients, Laura seeks first to listen then to understand and connect to the whole person with a motivation of empathy and the desire to add value through solving health and related physical challenges these relationships present. She gets most energized about root cause analysis and identification.

Laura is a Board Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional, BioResonance Practitioner and Energetic Cellular Release™ (ECR™) Practitioner. She also is passionate about continuing education in the areas of nutrition, medicinal herbs, endocrinology and holistic medicine.

Laura was born in Dallas and has been residing in Houston for over 20 years. She graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Journalism (Communications School), is a Masters Program graduate, a trained CanCare volunteer counselor, West Houston Young Life Board Member and a Mentor for a Spring Branch ISD High School student.

Laura's services within the Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness include:

Holistic Wellness initial assessments and followups

Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR)™ initial assessments and followups

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