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Life Journey Assessment
with Peyton

At Heights of Health, we recently added a new technology that can help you better understand yourself and where you are on “Life’s Journey.” We use this new biofield scan to enhance clients' understanding of where they are in their personal journey and where they want to go. In these appointments, we have the opportunity to understand and shift your energy to better express your authentic self (your purpose, patterns, values, and beliefs) and bring balance to your inner state. The Life Journey Assessment takes into account not only your emotional blocks, but also subconscious blocks and blocks to the chakra energy flow

What to Expect in Life Journey Assessment

Holistic Therapist, Peyton English, explains and interprets sample Life Journey Assessment

Life Journey Assessment

Practitioner: Peyton

1.5 hour appointments - $210

**This appointment can be in-person or virtual via Zoom.**

If you would like more information or would like to schedule, please contact us.  

What Clients Say about Life Journey Assessment

"I loved my Life Journey appointment! I found the scan to be really accurate in identifying where I am, as well as emphasizing the areas where I am ready to make a positive shift.  Peyton did a great job explaining the results and discussed with me ways to examine the areas further so I can move forward.  I can't wait for a follow-up to explore this more!"


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