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Melissa Hawley

Marketing Manager, Heights of Health
Kitchen & Wellness Coach

My interest in natural health began about 20 years ago (1996) when I discovered the amazing benefits of vitamins and herbs.

I devoured books on alternative medicine and healthy eating over the next few years. My studies led to my husband and I making drastic changes in what food and drinks we regularly allowed our family to consume. We began by removing the yucky, toxic foods and a couple years later discovered the benefits of the Weston A. Price diet guidelines which we continue to follow.

Being the mother of eight children, I am quite familiar with the trials and tribulations of trying to feed picky kids a healthy diet. After becoming an independent consultant for three companies that sell food and body care products, I decided to become a coach for others who have their own struggles with avoiding toxins and living healthier. My goal is to listen well and suggest simple solutions based on a family’s needs and current issues. I also help people who want to get discounts or earn money on the side or as a new career.

I have loved being part of Heights of Health as a contributor in writing, editing and promotions since 2009. It is a great joy to be a part of such a caring, innovative and devoted group of practitioners.

I can be reached at

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