Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR)™

MBSR™ is great for those seeking to:

  • Reduce the effects of stress and stressful triggers on the mind and body.

  • Release limiting emotional baggage.

  • Enhance spiritual growth.

  • Create and foster healthier relationships.

  • Develop healthier boundaries.

  • Move beyond addictions.

  • Become aware of and more in control of what behaviors are driving actions.

  • Develop a deeper sense of love and self-forgiveness.

  • Experience more physical and emotional balance.

  • Enhance Cognitive Clarity and Speed.


Every day, you have all kinds of experiences, but even though you are probably not aware of it, all these experiences become part of your body. Just as you metabolize food by extracting its nutrients, your awareness processes every thought, feeling, and action into biochemical terms.

- Deepak Chopra

How does it work?

Each time you have a significant emotional event or trauma, your body produces a unique cocktail of hormones, neurotransmitters, and emotions that can be stored within the cells. Your body remembers this specific blend and can be prompted to again release that unique combination of chemicals and emotions when presented with a trigger. This can create a positive or a negative experience, much like the smell of the perfume of a loved one creates a warm feeling inside or, conversely, a barking dog causes sweating or shaking in someone who was previously attacked.

Most of these imprints are stored deep within the subconscious memories of the cells, so we are unaware that they are draining our energy and directing us to detrimental and limiting beliefs and behaviors. Often, we do not know what the original event was or make the connection with how we were feeling at that time. We just feel the impact and imbalance of the chemicals and emotions flooding our systems and our feelings and
behaviors suffer as a result.

We are all aware of the detrimental effect of long-term exposure to low-vibration emotions (anger, grief, resentment, loneliness) and stress hormones. Being able to identify and mitigate these negative cellular memories can be very helpful in our ability to move forward from the event and subsequent detrimental patterns and beliefs. This can be achieved whether we are consciously aware of them or not by reducing their impact on
our health and wellbeing and freeing up that space for higher vibration thoughts and feelings (connection, love, trust, hope, joy).

What to expect:

The session begins with the client and MBSR™ practitioner identifying your intention or goal. The practitioner is then able to access specific detrimental imprints (emotions, limiting beliefs, energetic blocks) by tapping into your subconscious mind through Muscle Response and/or Ideomotor Response (pendulum) Testing. Through these means, she can determine a grouping or “layer” of your emotions, hormones, limiting beliefs, neurotransmitters, etc. that your body has associated with an event or belief pattern and its triggers. After this is done, the practitioner stimulates your nervous system through cold light therapy and acupressure reflex points to help energetically calm the nervous system response and help the subconscious mind release your stored negative baggage that is directing your unwanted feelings and behaviors.  By facilitating the release of this limiting emotional and energetic baggage with the connected harmful biological chemicals, your body can be freed to work in union with the subconscious mind towards creating the intention you have identified.


This is not a passive form of energetic clearing, though. At the end of the session, you will be given some meaningful home activities to help solidify the shifts. The initial session is 90-minutes and follow-ups are typically 45-minutes and are recommended every 1-3 weeks until you feel like you have manifested your intention to your satisfaction. Many of our clients schedule maintenance MBSR™ sessions every 6-8 weeks to make sure that they stay energetically balanced and on track. This is also very helpful to use during a stressful time in life to help you stay balanced mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

TracyAmanda, CherylLauraand Stacy are Master MBSR™ practitioners that provide this service.

2-hour initial: $400

1-hour follow-up: $200

Remote MBSR™ sessions

We are able to facilitate remote MBSR™ clearings for our clients. A specific appointment will be made but clients will not need to come into the office. The practitioner will facilitate the clearing and email the results after completion. For more information on remote appointments, read here.

-B.G., Denver, CO

After our session today my mind was literally blown. The clearing you did today was stunningly and divinely inspired. There are no words for my gratitude to and for you!!

Image by Katherine Hanlon

MBSR™ with Reiki

MBSR with Reiki is a proprietary technique that promotes healing through energy balance, stress reduction, and relaxation. Cheryl Hensley, HHP, our Reiki Master and skilled MBSR™ Practitioner will help you break through blockages in your own healing energy flow to detoxify and re-energize the body systems by incorporating Reiki, ECR™ and MBSR™ into a powerful health-promoting modality.  After sessions, people often experience increased
mental clarity and awareness with a deep sense of calm.

I understand that this service it to learn about holistic health and spiritual practices. The service is at all times restricted to education on the subject of holistic health matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of spiritual well being, are never intended to be a replacement for professional counseling/therapy and do not involve the diagnosing, treating,or prescribing of remedies for disease. I recognize that the practitioners are not a medical doctors or licensed therapists. 

Learn more about how MBSR™ works from Tracy on the True Detox Podcast!

Energetically Release with TriVibrance Essential Oil

In order to truly heal in a holistic manner, we all must address the mind, body, and spirit. The body is a flow system and we must allow in positivity/healing and release negativity/toxicity in order to truly detoxify and rebuild. As emotions can become imprinted on the organs and tissues of the body, these areas can become congested, thus blocking this vital energy flow.
To facilitate this process, TriVibrance™ has created 5 very unique and powerful essential oil blends to energetically help you release negative emotional blocks and imprints and allow the flow of higher vibration energy and emotions into and within the body. What makes these oils different and so much more powerful is the proprietary combination of frequencies imprinted upon the therapeutic-grade oils. All blends are ready to apply in 30ml rollerball applicator bottles. 

Learn more are TriVibrance.com

Aromatic Oil