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How to Get Ready for Your Appointment

Heights of Health owner, Tracy Southwick, explains how to create client portal and record a voice scan

Create a Client Portal Account

  1. Use this link to create your own personal portal.

  2. Enter your email address**
    o **If you are creating an account for your child or a pet, enter your email address followed by a "#"; and then their name. ( i.e. )

  3. Create and enter a password. Keep your personal password someplace

  4. Enter all required information to create an account.
    o (Name, address phone, species, gender, date of birth)
    o **If you are creating an account for your child or a pet, enter all of their information on this screen.


Record Voice Scan

  1. Complete your scan within 48 hours of your appointment. Scan takes less than 30 seconds to complete. Make sure you are in a quiet room before scanning.

  2. Click on the SCANS icon on top gray bar.

  3.  Click on the blue button labeled BWS VOICE SCAN

  4. Click on the blue microphone and begin counting. The recording will stop automatically when it has captured enough data (about 10 seconds).

  5. Press Proceed.

  6. Your practitioner will be notified your scan is complete.

Review Free Resources

  • Feel free to look around within your portal for lots of helpful and educational information. Bookmark your portal to easily return to it.

  • The SELF HELP icon has free imprinted music and other great resources.


After Your Appointment

  1. Watch for email announcing your scan is available for review. Click on the link in the email or access your portal to see the scan results.

  2. If you were recommended infoceuticals, your practitioner will put them in your "cart" in your client portal. They will be available for purchase and delivery. (Some "Feel Good" infoceuticals are available in house.)​

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