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Peyton English

Licensed Master Social Worker

under the supervision of Cyndi Collen, LCSW-S

Peyton appreciates whole-person healing that addresses the mind, body, and soul. She believes that we are meant to live full, authentic lives. However, trauma, harm, and wounds can leave us feeling fragmented and stuck. While utilizing authenticity and compassion, she also uses a variety of techniques, tools, and resources to explore the relationship between thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to facilitate growth and awareness, as well as help clients achieve their therapeutic goals.


She highly values connection with others in her life, which carries over into her counseling as she desires to create a safe, welcoming space for clients to show up as they are without fear of judgment. She is passionate about working with adults and children of all ages, as well as families from all walks of life, and witnessing their growth and development of self-confidence, grace, compassion, and emotional expression.


Peyton has specialized training and experience in the Heights of Health's holistic therapy approach. Heights Of Health's holistic therapy model provides a whole-person, root-cause healing paradigm for clients, which includes: 1) utilizing high-tech equipment to address anxiety, depression, trauma, and more; 2) muscle-response testing to customize nutritional supplementation to help calm and regulate the nervous system and improve imbalanced biochemicals; 3) empowering clients with a multitude of practical and life-transforming tools that can immediately and cumulatively address imbalanced emotions in between sessions; 4) utilizing specialized training in the energy medicine modality, MBSR™,  to help clients release subconscious blocks.

Peyton is a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of Texas (License #108221). She holds both a Bachelors and Masters of Social Work from Union University and received certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy during her graduate studies. She is currently pursuing a certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner.

Peyton's services include:

Holistic Therapy initial assessments and followups

Life Journey Assessment initial appointment and followups

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