• Heather Goodwin

5 Helpful Hints for Optimizing Your Brain Health

LEARN. Our brain is perhaps one of our most important muscles and it must be exercised in order to stay healthy and strong. The strength of our brain is increased through tasks that stimulate and challenge just as our body’s strength is increased through an intense session at the gym. Human nature likes routine, but routine is easy and does nothing to grow the brain. So, the key to increasing your brain muscle mass is to break away from the same ole, same ole. Experts agree that 2 ingredients can do the trick: complexity and novelty. So, when you feel your brain getting mushy, engage in something new! Read a book on a new topic, do a crossword puzzle, play a brain game app like Lumosity or do like we do at our dinner table, play a good game of “20 questions”. Just do something different!

SUPPLEMENT. Tracy talked about the importance of phospholipids for brain health. Piggy-backing on her tip, my favorite go-to supplements for brain health are the all-powerful amino acids and the magical mineral magnesium. New research shows that a particular form of magnesium, Magnesium Threonate, has the unique ability to pass through the blood brain barrier, thereby better absorb into our brain cells. I swear by the positive effect Xymogen’s OptiMag Neuro has had on my sleep and overall brain function. This month we are running a special on this yummy tasting powder. Many of my clients benefit greatly from amino acid therapy. If you tend to lean toward depression or insomnia, try taking either tryptophan or 5-HTP. If you manifest generalized anxiety mostly in your body (pounding heart, pit in your stomach body tension), try GABA. If you tend to lose focus at the same time anxiety is hijacking your brain, try L-theanine. Many formulations have a combination of 2 or more amino acids, as they often work in concert together for greater effectiveness. One of the best formulas I have found is also made by Xymogen. Mood Food ES contains 5-HTP, GABA and L-Theanine; trifecta of amino acids! Mood Food ES is also on special this month and has not only made profound differences for many of my clients, but again has helped me personally with sleep.