• Amanda Mirabella

Back to school: Lunch ideas and weeknight recipe inspiration!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Since your kiddos are back in school, here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts and blogs to spark inspiration for homemade lunches and quick weeknight meals. My mom packed us healthy lunches growing up (and always included a sweet note!) and I am beyond grateful for the time and effort she put into sending us with real food! 

@weelicious or weelicious.com: Catherine has three kids that she makes fun, healthy (beautiful) school lunches for! Her kids have different food preferences (one is a vegetarian) so she shows great options for all kinds of eaters. 

@thedefineddish or thedefineddish.com: Alex is one of my favorite recipe developers! She shares fantastic meals across the board, and always has great weeknight meal ideas. She has two young girls and she shares their school lunches, which she calls "the mini dish."