• Amanda Mirabella

Crispy, garlicky parsley potatoes + leftover crispy wedges

I have a couple of new + delicious recipes for you this week! The first are crispy + garlicky, parsley potatoes with a bonus recipe utilizing the potato scraps. There are so many ways you can repurpose food scraps to reduce food waste! This week, I made the leftover potatoes scraps into crispy, fluffy potato wedges. Every time I make these for friends they're a huge hit, and they literally could not be easier. I also made cashew milk and kept the leftover pulp to make into granola. And lastly, I kept the carrot pulp remaining from juicing to make into spicy carrot poke (you can find the rest of the recipes mentioned on the blog!)

Not only does getting creative with scraps help to reduce food waste, but it's also cost effective. I believe it's important to prioritize natural foods, but that does get pricey! By getting creative with food that you may otherwise toss out, you can maximize your food budget.

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