• Tracy Southwick

Five Habits for a Fresh Start in 2019

Updated: May 19, 2020

We all look at the New Year as a chance to start over, fresh, clean, new….  We have the best intentions and, statistically speaking, most of us will not follow through in reaching our goals.  Actually, this is true in virtually every aspect of our lives, from relationships to addictions to our bodies,  because we all harbor subconscious, limiting beliefs that keep us from doing what we need to do in order to fully succeed.

We want to help you reach your goals and are thrilled to offer a great tool in MIND BODY RELEASE™ to help you move past the subconscious blocks that might be holding you back from being the best YOU that you can be.  Our potentials are enormous and there is more abundance than we can imagine, we just need to get past our limiting, subconscious beliefs that are holding us back from attaining the most fulfilling lives.

Below is a list of 5 simple changes that can lead to vast improvements in your health and wellbeing on all levels.  Make the pledge now to implement one at a time to create new, life-enhancing habits that will reap great rewards. If you need a bit of help getting past those limiting beliefs, we are here to support you! Make the commitment with us at Heights of Health to have the best year ever in all areas of our lives.

  1. Hydrate. Yes, I am regularly encouraging this, but it is so essential to the health and wellbeing of our bodies.  You need water to get nutrients into the cells, to flush toxins out and to conduct energy throughout the body/brain.  Forgo the sodas and sweet drinks,  and enjoy water (add lemon or cucumber for flavor if need be).  Try to aim for ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily.

  2. Fast. Just a little each day, or even a few days a week. At a minimum, go without food (not water) for 12 hours daily. Try t