• Tracy Southwick

Our Constant Man-made Radiation Exposure: Health Effects of 5G and other EMFs

Updated: Apr 30

What can you do?

Many of you may have noticed, or at least heard about, the 5G towers being erected throughout the city and the country at rapid speed. I hear stories of the towers being put up on people’s lawns and in children’s parks – there is even one at the entrance of my neighborhood. This begs the question: Is it safe? As you can imagine, the question is quite controversial.

No doubt, the unceasing ads by the telecommunication companies are telling us that this will propel us into internet speed beyond our wildest dreams. (I don’t know about you, but even my teenage daughter says that our speed is now greatly reduced by the 5G signal). We are also told that 5G will open doorways to greater connectivity through the Internet of Things. (I am not quite sure what that means, but it sounds tempting). I think time will tell if these benefits come to fruition.

Incidentally, 5G is different than the EMF radiation used by traditional cell phone towers (they have issues of their own). In the past, we have been more concerned with exposure to the cellphones themselves, rather than the towers, as long as you were not in close proximity to the towers or electrical fields. With 5G towers placed so close to each other and in our neighborhoods, the radiation that they emit is pervasive and unremitting.

Below are just a few points that scientists are concerned about relative to this new technology and are worth considering, as well as some ideas of how to keep your body and your personal space protected from this radiation.

There have been no long-term, or even short-term, studies on the safety of this kind of technology for consumer safety. Interestingly, we are considered the consumers, but have no option as to whether we want to “consume” this new product.

This is a notable increase in radiation exposure for us all, and children and the unborn are most vulnerable to its effects.