• Heather Goodwin

Heather’s Hints… Staying Grounded and Centered During the Holidays (and ALL days!)

Updated: May 19, 2020

A Daily Practice. Follow these 5 steps for a simple 10-15 minute daily routine that will rewire your brain and nervous system toward a more grounded and centered you.

  1. Create a Space. Find a special spot in your house that you can set up for this daily practice. Mine is in my closet. I have a special poof cushion on the floor and a few visual reminders of my power for peace. This routine will be one that you do sitting up, so find a special chair or cushion that you will love going to daily. Make your spot special. I like candles, grounding reminders of my family and affirmations taped to the wall. This will become your sacred spot and you will immediately enter in to a more grounded energy just by sitting in it daily.

  2. Practice Posture. Get cozy in your special chair or on your special cushion. Ground your feet or crossed legs on the floor. Create a straight, but

relaxed spine. Allow your head to slightly tilt downward. Close your eyes. Notice your body and do a quick body scan as you release your face muscles (especially your forehead and jaw), allow your shoulders to drop even more, bring a relaxed feeling to your core and all the way down to the legs. Finish by grounding into your practice by noticing your sit bones on the chair or cushion. Being present in your body like this is hugely grounding. Keep noticing your sit bones and say,“I am here. Nothing to do, nothing to fix, nothing to plan, nothing to worry about. I am here.”