• Amanda Mirabella

Men's health: simple, research-based tips for improved health

It is widely known that men have shorter life expectancies than women, and during their lifetimes, men are more inclined to illness/disease than women (Harvard Health Publishing, 2010). In the arena of holistic or Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), it is much less likely to find research or articles geared to men’s health, which is not surprising since women are statistically more likely to utilize CAM. Of CAM users, only about 40.9% are male, while 59.1% are female (Zhang et al., 2015) It is worth contemplating whether women's utilization of holistic health is one of the reasons for increased longevity and overall better health, though, of course, you cannot attribute this to a single factor.

Even if men are generally less likely to seek professional CAM guidance, the following measures can drastically improve overall health: improving nutrition, reducing environmental toxins, and practicing good sleep hygiene with minor changes to their lifestyle.


The importance of reducing inflammation cannot be overstated. For men specifically, systemic inflammation in the body can contribute to heart disease, arthritis, and erectile dysfunction, etc. (Das, 2007). A number of foods exacerbate inflammation in the body, but highly refined sugar and oils are two of the biggest culprits. Swap out canola oil, vegetable oil, and margarine for avocado oil, olive oil, and ghee. It’s best to reduce sugar intake as much as possible, but when you do consume sugar, coconut sugar, raw honey, and dates are better choices than cane sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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