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Savory sun dried tomato chicken

Updated: May 19, 2020

I used to make this recipe all the time, and just rediscovered it! It’s one of my favorites- savory because of the mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes, but with a slight tangy flavor due to the pepperoncinis. I will say this with every single recipe I post...use this as a guide, but if you don’t have everything listed, get creative!

If you don’t have sun dried tomatoes, you could use fresh cherry or grape tomatoes, just saute them a little longer. Or, you could add ~ 1 Tbsp of tomato paste to the sauce for a similar flavor. If you don’t like pepperoncinis, omit them! You could use artichoke hearts to add a similar tanginess. And, if you don’t have mushrooms, no worries! They add a nice depth of flavor, but it is totally fine without. If you omit the mushrooms, you could either add more greens or scale back on the broth and coconut milk so the sauce is just as thick.

Lastly, this is great served on its own, with pasta, or spiralized veggies (zucchini would probably be the best). My husband went a little crazy purchasing gluten free pasta, so it’s served here with @jovialfoods fusilli (our favorite!)

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~1.5 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/3 cup tapioca starch (or arrowroot)

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

~ 4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you can also sub Avocado oil or butter)

1 cup white or yellow onion, diced

⅓ cup sun dried tomatoes, sliced (drain excess oil from sun dried tomatoes)

⅓ cup pepperoncinis (I used half pepperoncinis, half hot peppers for extra spice)

4 garlic cloves (crushed) or ~2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Italian seasoning

½ tsp red pepper flakes

1 13.5 oz can coconut milk

1 cup chicken broth

~8 oz cremini mushrooms, thick slices

2 cups of greens (I used a mixture of spinach and arugula)


-Preheat oven to 350 F

-Slice chicken breasts horizontally, starting with the thicker end and moving towards the thin end, making it into cutlets.

-Lay cutlets flat on a cutting board, and use a meat mallet to pound breasts until they’re ~¼ inch thick. If you don’t have a mallet, use the bottom of a skillet or something with a bit of weight to even out the chicken. This helps cook the chicken quickly, evenly, and make it more tender.

-Mix tapioca starch, salt, and pepper in a medium-sized bowl. Take individual cutlets and lightly coat the chicken in the mixture.

-Heat a large cast iron or dutch oven over medium heat, then add ~ 2 Tbsp oil. Cook the chicken in batches, do not overcrowd the pan. You want the chicken to be slightly brown on each side; it doesn't need to be cooked through (~4 mins each side). Set aside chicken when done cooking.

-Add ~2 Tbsp of oil to the pan, then add onion and saute until fragrant (~ 2 mins). Add the sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoncinis (or hot peppers), garlic, italian seasoning, and red pepper and saute for ~ one minute.

-Add the coconut milk and chicken broth and bring to a boil. Once boiling, remove from heat. Mix in the mushrooms.

-Add the chicken back into the pan, covering with the sauce.

-Cover the dutch oven or cast iron with an oven safe lid or pan, then cook covered for 20 mins.

-After 20 mins, remove the lid from the pan, and cook for another 20 mins. This will help the sauce to thicken.

-Remove pan from the oven. Remove chicken breasts and set aside. Mix in the greens, then spoon the sauce back over the chicken.

-Serve alongside pasta, spiralized zucchini, sweet potato, or enjoy on its own!

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