• Tracy Southwick

Why My Daughter Will Not Be Receiving the Shot

Updated: Apr 27

Before you go any further, if you have already allowed your child to be injected, you may not want to read this article. My intent is not to make you feel guilty, fearful, or bad in any way for your decision. We all make our best decisions based on the information we have at the time. My objective is to provide those who have not moved forward with shots for children, knowledge that may not have been available to them before reading this article.

With trials on children ramping up and some universities already announcing that they will require the shot for students, the question looms for many of us as to whether or not we will require/allow/encourage our children to be a part of what I believe to be the largest experiment ever known to the human race. As parents, we will likely take chances with ourselves rather than with our precious children, and with good cause. We are committed to raising them by making the best possible choices for them with the best information that we have available to us. Unfortunately, there is a lack of unbiased and accurate information on this topic and, thus, my impetus for writing this article. I wish to give you another side, that you may not have been privy to, so that you can make a more informed decision regarding the health of your child. Below are several well-researched and documented reasons why I will not be giving my daughter the jab.

  1. Under 20s have an essentially ZERO percent chance of dying from this disease. According to the CDC, the survival rate for children up to 19 years old is 99.997%. In fact, most of the cases in children that we see are those who were tested for activities/school or because they may have been exposed and they never showed any symptoms – it is generally that benign in children.

  2. Children are not the primary spreaders of the virus. Recent research shows that they are much less of a threat than previously thought, carrying a significantly smaller amount of viral material and are much less likely to spread the virus than adults.

  3. Asymptomatic Spread is VERY rare and NOT a driver of this virus, despite what we have all been told. Please watch this powerful, fact-based presentation on the subject.

  4. The shot does not stop the spread, it is only meant to lessen symptoms – which are, again, typically VERY mild in children. In fact, it might even put more people at risk because it may lessen the symptoms to a point that people unknowingly infect others because they are unaware that they are ill and, therefore, do not self-isolate. As of April 20th, the CDC reported 7,157 fully vaccinated people tested positive for Covid-19; 88 of those died (article here).

  5. The shot does not protect against variants, in fact, a study in Israel showed that people who had received both jabs were 8 times more likely to become infected with a variant. Even if boosters worked, the virus mutates so quickly that there is no possible way for drug companies to keep up with the variants. It becomes an endless chase and nature, in its brilliance, will always win.

  6. The clinical trials on adults, which started last year, will not even be completed until 2023. The trials for children will, therefore, end even later – the children will be a part of this drug experiment.

  7. The mRNA shots are designed to specifically alter the way our genes express themselves through the proteins they produce, a.k.a. experimental gene therapy. That is called genetic modification in my book. Most would agree that GMO foods are unhealthy, why would we even consider this for our children?

  8. The shots are not FDA approved; they are only EUA Authorized. Approval will not even be an option until after the clinical trials (of which children will now be a part) are completed in 2023.

  9. We have NO idea what this new technology will do to adults in the long run, much less children. This drug was rushed to market, a process that normally takes 10-20 times longer in the testing phases to ensure short and long-term efficacy and SAFETY.

  10. If your child has already had the infection, there are potential serious risks to having the jab. (Read article here)

  11. Many doctors and even an ex-Pfizer senior executive (see Video here and Article here) are warning that this experimental biologic could cause massive and permanent infertility because the antibody to the spike protein that is produced by the mRNA in the shot can also attack the placenta hence the large number of spontaneous miscarriages and still-born babies after being injected (Article here). No one knows how long this spike protein will stay in the body, potentially forever, resulting in infertility because the immune system could be primed to attack the placenta.

  12. Large numbers of adverse events are still being reported to VAERS daily (Article here), which a Harvard study estimated picks up only about 1% of the true damages. As of the writing of this article, over 3000 deaths have been reported in adults after they had received the shot.

  13. The drug companies are already saying that the potential benefits from the jab only last a few months and boosters will be needed on a regular basis for all who take the shot. A booster does not negate the effects of the previous jabs, so who knows the cumulative effects of the body continuously producing antibodies that have been shown to react with different parts of the body, like the heart, liver, lungs, intestinal tissue, and brain? Experts see massive potential for auto-immune disease. (Article here) The younger they start getting these injections, the more they will be having over a lifetime.

  14. We are setting our children up for life-long dependency on drugs/pharmaceuticals through these shots. Rather than strengthening the immune system that God gave us, we are becoming beholden to Pharma to “protect” us.

  15. These drug companies are notorious for bringing harmful drugs to market, why should we blindly trust them now when they have no liability at stake due to the PREP Act? (Article here) Think about that for a moment…zero liability. Do you think that they truly have an incentive to create the safest product available? They are corporations beholden to shareholders who want the biggest profits. Why risk the health and potentially the life of your child to companies that are risking nothing at all?

  16. Unlike traditional shots, this type of technology cannot be detoxified, it is permanent. It changes the way your body works in ways that we will not understand the full effects for years to come.

  17. This is a great opportunity to show our children how to be strong and to think for themselves and not submit to peer pressure. The pressure for adults and children to get this shot is immense - from friends, employers, professional athletes, politicians, actors, paid influencers, and pop stars. I hope we can all follow our own advice and intuition and make informed choices for them, and not just allow them to go along with the crowd.

As I thought through my own options, I heard my husband saying to me “Follow the Money,” so I did. It is well known that 70% of the mainstream media ad funding comes from Pharma – are we naïve enough to think that the drug companies do not have a powerful influence over messaging? They are set to make billions, if not trillions, on these shots in the years to come. Please look into the links I have provided and do your own due diligence before you make your decision.

No doubt that I am passionate about this topic. Already, videos have emerged on TikTok and YouTube with teens showing the horrific effects of their jabs – paralysis, massive swelling, pain – and they are quickly taken down so that people are unaware that this is happening. That alone should give us pause. I feel we need full disclosure so that we can have informed consent before we place our children in this grand experiment. Whether we choose to partake or not, we all need to be aware of the potential risks versus the benefits.

Lastly, how do we keep our kids healthy, then? Focus on sunshine (vitamin D), fresh air, and exercise (all free!). And, don’t forget to include a healthy (low processed food and low sugar) diet to give the body the nutrients it needs to function at peak levels. By providing these things for my daughter, I am trying to help her strengthen the immune system with which she was created. Remember when your child first went to preschool or kindergarten and he/she was exposed to many different viruses? It was scary to see him/her sick, but we were always told by the experts that this is a normal process of developing an immune system if we want the kids to be healthy and resilient. As a mom, as a human, I am not even close to being perfect, but, like you, I am trying to do the best I can. I hope the information I have provided to you helps you to make the safest decisions for your child now and for years to come.