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Energy Protection



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The IonCleanse® by AMD is the safest and most effective way to cleanse and purify the body. The IonCleanse Detox is a complete method of cell detoxification that eliminates toxins and organic waste through the feet. The body's lymphatic and periphery nervous systems are connected through the feet.

Detox at home or with us in the clinic!



A Major Difference

Why we love it:

Berkey removes harmful contaminants in tap water and leaves beneficial minerals.

All Berkey water filters are extensively tested and specifically developed to produce purified drinking water. The military set standards for the varying degrees of water filtration. Very few are able to achieve the classification of water purifiers. Berkey surpassed those standards and is the best on the market. Berkey Filters remove more than 200 contaminants at a rate of 99.99% from tap water. 

Use code HOHBerkey10 at checkout for 10% off.

Why water filtration is important!


Why we love it: 

Variety of EMF protection at home!

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 4.07_edited.png

Blushield is a revolutionary form of EMF protection. Instead of attempting to block EMFs, which is ineffective or suboptimal, Blushield essentially overpowers non-native EMFs with resonant frequencies.


Use discount code HOH at checkout for 10% off.


Why we love it: 

Tracy helped formulate  three  IV Drips!


Bounce Hydration is a concierge-style mobile wellness drip spa in Houston known for our exceptional service in meeting client hydration, best-in-class IV drip therapy and unique collection of nutrient cocktails and injections. Tracy helped formulate the "New Recovery Drips" : Revitalizing, Restore, Release drip formulas.


Use discount code HOH15 at checkout for 15% off during the month of September 2022.

Bounce Hydration
BranchBasics_FullLogo_R_Print (1)_edited.png

Why we love it: 

 Non-toxic, safe, and sustainable cleaning products!

Branch Basics is on a mission to help people create healthy homes and experience the power of pure. Their non-toxic Concentrate model makes cleaning safe, simple, and affordable. It’s everything you need to replace dozens of toxic cleaners. Plus, the bottles are refillable so they are better for the environment and your wallet!


Follow the link to get $10 off!

Branch Basics

Why we love it: 

Cellcore's supplements promote the body's natural detoxification processes and enhanced digestive function

CellCore Biosciences is an emerging industry leader who first introduced the concept of foundational medicine to the nutritional supplement industry. By formulating supplements designed to support cellular health through proprietary Carbon Technology, CellCore provides natural, root cause solutions.


Use code bRhUvMCr for dropshipping.


Why we love it: 

High quality,  great prices, and  responsible shipping right to your door.

Access your practitioner’s advice, healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products, plus tools for healthy habits — from anywhere. Get access to high-quality supplements at fair prices, backed by features that help you stay on track with your wellness goals.


Follow link to create an account.


Why we love it: 

We love the Room and Harmonizers for smaller spaces and offices and the Car Harmonizers,

 especially for those with EVs or those who are spending a lot of time in their cars..

EMF Solutions "makes superior EMF remediation products for your cell phone, wireless devices, entire home, office, car, and for your body when on the go."

Use this link.

emf sol

Why we love it: 

We love their air tube headsets, Meters, and Dirty Electricity Filters.

Access your practitioner’s advice, healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products, plus tools for healthy habits — from anywhere. Get access to high-quality supplements at fair prices, backed by features that help you stay on track with your wellness goals.


Follow link to shop. Use discount code HEIGHTS5 for 5% off your purchase.

Green Wave
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 8.18_edited.png

Why we love it: 

Get grounded at work, while you sleep, or on the go!

In an age of chronic disease on the rise, due to the stresses of modern life, reconnecting with the Earth's energy under our feet by practicing earthing, provides a way back to better health, generating incredible results, both calming and restoring physical, mental and emotional balance in our bodies.


Use discount code GROONIAP at checkout for 10% off. 


Why we love it:

Less-mess Castor Oil Liver Pack!

Castor Oil with Pack.png

A castor oil pack is one of the OLDEST, most widespread healing rituals in the world and the best kept secret known only to a privileged few. From Traditional Chinese Medicine to Indian Ayurveda to modern Naturopathic Medicine, it has withstood the test of time for centuries in cultures all over the globe. Amazing, right? 

It is the ritual of applying castor oil to a piece of organic cotton flannel then placing it onto the body (traditionally over the liver) and wearing it for 1 hour or more for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Your new modernized 2-step, heatless, less-mess Castor Oil Liver Pack Kit makes this transformational self-care ritual easier than ever before so you can wake up like new every day!


It's portable!

This far infrared sauna tent delivers a safe, complete sauna experience through its compact and portable design. 

What makes Relax Saunas different from other portable far infrared saunas?
​​It is the only Sauna with computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filters out ALL of the non-healing light rays, so that you can totally absorb the healing far infrared rays of 4-14 microns, and not have to resist any other energies.

Code: HoHSauna

Relax Sauna

Why we love it:

Release emotional blocks and protect your energy!

TriVibrance™created 5 unique & powerful essential oil blends, energetically imprinted, to help you release negative emotional blocks to allow the flow of higher vibration energy and emotions into and within the body. Sourced from the highest quality oils with a focus on wildcrafted and organic ingredients. 


Use discount code HOH at checkout for 10% off.


Why we love it:

The top 100

professional-grade supplement brands all   in one place.

WholeScripts powered by XYMOGEN provides easy access to a truly one-stop, professional-grade nutritional and herbal dispensary. 

Follow the link to create an account with your email to get started.

referral code: HEIGHTS

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