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Remote ECR™ and (MBR)™

Remote sessions

We are able to facilitate remote ECR™ and MBR™ clearings for our clients. A specific appointment will be made but clients will not need to come into the office. The practitioner will facilitate the clearing and email the results after completion.

How does this work?

A decisively verified principal of the sub-atomic world is: non-locality. Discovered in 1982, this is the ability of particles (an electron, for example) to be influenced instantaneously by another quantum particle with no visible exchange of force or energy. This can occur from any distance, and it can happen as long as the particles have once had contact. 

How does this quantum physics’ principal relate to remote clearings?

Once a practitioner has had contact with a client, whether it is in person, virtually (phone or video), with a saliva or hair sample, or through a photograph, she can remotely clear the physical or emotional stressors by connecting energetically with the individual. The client does not have to be in the room with the practitioner to benefit from the energetic clearing, which is possible because of the Principle of Non-Locality.  

Picture by: Feather & Twine

“I feel so much better since my Candida clearing this afternoon!!!! I can breathe!!!! I know you are used to it (and so should I) but I am still so amazed at the results!!! This works. Thank you for helping me so

G.B., Houston