Remote Services

Remote Appointments are great for those who are:


How does this work?

A decisively verified tenet of the sub-atomic world is called the Principle of Non-Locality. Discovered in 1982, this is the ability of particles (electrons, for example) to be influenced instantaneously by another quantum particle with no visible exchange of force or energy. This can occur from any distance, and it can happen as long as the particles have once had some form of contact. 

How does this quantum physics’ principle relate to remote clearings?
Once a practitioner has had contact with a client, either physically (in person, with a hair or saliva sample) or virtually (via phone, email, or photograph), she can remotely clear the individual by connecting energetically. The client does not have to be in the room with the practitioner to benefit from this energetic clearing. The Principle of Non-Locality allows the clearing of both physical and emotional stressors, which can greatly facilitate the innate healing ability of the body.

What to Expect:
The practitioner will consult with you via phone or email to gather information based on your specific needs. Then, she will facilitate the clearing and create your Strategic Health Plan which will be emailed to you after completion. If supplements are recommended and purchased based on your needs, they will be packaged for pickup, delivery* or shipping, as per your request (see delivery area and costs). Session length and pricing will vary based on the service and your individual needs.

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