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Virtual Holistic Wellness Consultations

Virtual Holistic Wellness Consultations are great for those who are:

  • New clients who would like a complete health check to find root causes to health concerns

  • Existing clients who have not seen a practitioner for a while or have new health concerns to address since their last visit

  • Unable to come into the office because of distance or health reasons

  • Very sensitive to being around others

  • Ill and distancing themselves from others

  • Unable to come in during regular business hours

  • Wanting to save time


How does this work?

As we now know, through the study of Quantum Physics, everything in the world is connected through an invisible energy field. Therefore, on some level, everything can tap into or influence everything else on some level. With our Bioenergetics technology, we can use this principle to tap into your energy (or holographic) field (with your permission, of course) to determine what energetic imbalances exist. Once connected, we are also able to relay specific information back to you to help balance your energetic field. Sounds quite futuristic, but the technology isn’t that different from how a mobile phone works. Generally speaking, we do not question how our phones work, we just take it for granted that, when we dial a number, we will be connected to the person for whom we are looking. In much the same way, we can literally “dial” into your energetic field with our Bioenergetics via a unique identifier (a.k.a. your Resonance Frequency Number) based on your name, date of birth and place of birth. Using EELFs (Extra, Extra Low Frequencies), the scan is able to pick up on energetic emotional and physical imbalances in the energetic-holographic field that are holding you back from reaching your health goals. You can then use this information to make appropriate changes in order to tap into your body’s self-healing abilities.

What to Expect:

In a typical 90-minute Bioenergetics session, your practitioner will spend about ½ hour discussing, via phone or video, your intake forms, health history and concerns/goals. Then, she will typically take 30-45 minutes off the call performing the scan and developing your personalized Strategic Health Plan based on the information she received from the scan. During this time you are able to go about your daily tasks. After the scan is performed, she will call you back to discuss the Strategic Health Plan that she has created for you. This will likely include dietary and lifestyle goals, as well as supplementation recommendations. Our office can gather any supplements you may want for pick up or shipping at your request. A follow-up session is usually recommended within 2-4 weeks.

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