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Sonya Foteh Garcia 

Therapist of Natural Medicine
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Licensed Professional Health Counselor
Hanna Kroeger Practitioner
Certified Natural Health Professional
BioResonance Practitioner
Certified ECR™ Master Practitioner

I am a therapist of natural medicine, and most importantly, a vibrational healer using the most innovative, holistic health assessment tools such as the NuVision™ bioresonance system and ECR™(Energetic Cellular Release™). I received much of my formal education from The World Organization of Natural Health Practitioners (W.O.N.M.P), where I obtained my license as a professional health counselor in 2009.

I also received my certifications from C.N.H.P and Hanna Kroeger. My passion for natural health led me to, undoubtedly, the bliss that fills my heart; began when I was in my early 20’s. When my mother fell ill to cancer, she inspired me to take control of my own health. I began my journey of studying and researching alternative solutions to traditional medicine. I decided to be proactive, rather than reactive in managing my health. However, after the loss of both my parents, I felt very lost, and my health began to deteriorate. I feel so much appreciation and love for three influential practitioners who helped me begin my transformation. They are Dennis Stephens, LMT; Gwen Foster, DNM; and Tracy Southwick, DNM. With their support and guidance, I achieved wellness and remembrance of who I really am.

My consultations are tailored to meet individual needs. By addressing Emotional, Physical, Cellular and Energetic levels; healing within the body is accomplished. In addition, I use therapies such as nutrition, supplements, cleansing and self-help techniques; in order to empower you, so that you receive positive and lasting results. I believe all diseases are created by our thoughts, and our emotions are our indicators of how we are “feeling” and “being”. Though we do not knowingly create our illness, our body responds to our negative thoughts and self-condemnation, and it gives us warning signs to let us know how we are thinking. It can start with a simple headache; a pain here, a pain there; all the way to diabetes, heart trouble, and even cancer. I do believe all forms of medicine have their place in healing. But, if we do not clean up our vibration and our old habits of thinking, our bodies will give us other indications of our discord. That is what side effects are. They are the body finding another way to display the resistance that this current medicine is masking.

Our bodies are an amazing, breathing mechanism. Practicing at Heights of Health since 2007, my ultimate joy comes from helping you to remember how wonderful and powerful you really are, so that you may allow your natural state of well being. You are suppose to be well and it is Your birthright to live it! Together we will develop a program that works best for you so that you may receive all the wellness you deserve and have been asking for.

Sonya's services include Holistic Wellness initial assessment and followups.

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