Mind Body Spirit Release™ Trainings

Live Online Training with support for Mind Body Spirit Release™

FIRST EVER training open to the public

Clear the emotional blocks holding you and your
patients/clients back

Grow your practice and increase retention rates.

Magnify your results

Create more peace and balance in your life/work/family

For years, countless people have been asking us to train them to facilitate Mind Body Spirit Release™, an invaluable tool created and used for many years at the Heights of Health clinic to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. We have finally decided to open the gates and share this technique with the world.

The training is geared toward health practitioners: DCs, MDs, NDs, Acupuncturists, Health Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, etc. We will be offering 3 levels of training that build upon each other: Mind Body Spirit Release ™ Levels 1, 2 and 3.​ If you are not a health practitioner, but you are interested in learning how to use this technique we will be offering a class for you later in the year. Please let us know if you are interested so we can keep you up to date.

“I want to tell you that my session with you was transformational and amazing! I felt so much peace and a general sense of well-being! This is really working! Makes me feel like I am regenerating myself!” -JB, Texas

Here about how Heights of Health's Holistic Nutritionist, Amanda Mirabella, uses Mind Body Spirit Release with her clients

Hear about how Heights of Health's Holistic Nutritionist, Amanda Mirabella, uses Mind Body Spirit Release with her clients. 

Level One Training - Mind Body Spirit Release ™ Level 1

The first course will debut online January 6, 2021, presented in 5 modules, approximately 2 hours each. The modules will be offered live, but recordings will be available to participants. Upon completion of all 5 modules in the first course, you will have the opportunity to become certified as a Mind Body Spirit Release ™ Level 1 Practitioner and
listed in our website database (first year free!) so potential clients can find you to take advantage of this great technique.


Also, two optional in-person Saturday classes will be available, but not required. The dates will be January 23, 2021 and February 6, 2021. The fee for the additional dates will be $100 each.

Module 1: Intro to Energy and Emotional Clearing. Why it is important, how it facilitates more effective programs/protocols, how to show your clients the importance of emotional clearing and balance for true wellness. Course overview.
Module 2: Energy/Muscle Testing. Multiple techniques will be taught to help you use Mind Body Spirit Release™ on yourself and others. You will learn how to energy test yourself, as well as other people, and how to explain energy testing clearly to others.
Module 3: Increasing Mitochondrial Health and Detoxification through emotional clearing. Addressing specific toxins, pathogens and biofilm. How to pair emotional clearing with your protocols and support clients through the process.
Module 4: Clearing Dis-Resonance between people to improve relationships and increase client/patient retention. Surrogate Clearing. Remote Clearing techniques. Clearing animals.
Module 5: Balancing the emotions by addressing blocks to healing and rejuvenation. Clearing for Prosperity and Success. Use of TriVibrance™ Oils and other remedies with clearings. Intro to Mind Body Spirit Release™ Level 2.

*Topics may vary a bit from what is listed above, and new topics will be added. Some future classes may be held in person if/when possible, in addition to online courses.

Levels 2 and 3 Training will include Ideomotor Response (Pendulum) Testing PLUS Clearing of Limiting Beliefs, Deeper Emotional Blocks,Emotional Connections to Hormones/Glands/Tissues, Generational Blocks, Paradigms, Miasms, Spiritual Blocks, Traumatic Events, People and Places,Chakras, Meridians, and Interferences.

Level Two Training - Mind Body Spirit Release™ Level 2

Level Three Training - Mind Body Spirit Release™ Level 3

For more information about Tracy Southwick, the creator of ECR and MBSR, click here

“I can't thank you enough for helping me realize some of my mind blocks in business.  My goal was $4000 a month which I accomplished last month and this month will be > $5000. Praise God! People are getting better and I am more confident - and feel less guilty for charging money.

-CB, Wisconsin

Listen to Tracy Southwick discus the importance of emotional wellbeing with Dr. Jaban Moore!

Included in course fee

Manual (Electronic Version)
Mind Body Spirit Release ™ Frequency- Imprinted Emotional Clearing Kit
Mind Body Spirit Release™ Frequency-Imprinted Clearing Laser Light
Access to recordings of trainings for reference
Access to private Facebook group for support and community
Certification test
Listing on our website upon certification (first year free, yearly renewal of certification required)
One Deeply discounted Mind Body Spirit Release™ session with a certified practitioner

Two optional 1-day, in-person trainings ($100 each), lunch included
Affiliate status with TriVibrance™ Oils


$1495 for course and materials

$1095 for additional practitioners in the same clinic or household

Non-refundable $395 deposit required when signing up, full amount due January 4th, 2021.

Space is limited.

Early Bird Special!

Only $1195 for course and materials ($400 discount!)

$995 additional practitioners in the same clinic or household ($100 discount!)

Non-refundable $395 deposit required when signing up, full amount due January 4th, 2021

Offer through November 30, 2020

Email us with questions and to sign up for the course (info@heightsofhealth.com)

I understand that this course it to learn about holistic health and spiritual practices. The training is at all times restricted to education on the subject of holistic health matters intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of spiritual well being, are never intended to be a replacement for professional counseling/therapy and do not involve the diagnosing, treating,or prescribing of remedies for disease. I recognize that the practitioners are not a medical doctors or licensed therapists. 

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