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What to Expect

Biogenetics Technology 

Disease or ill health is usually not caused by a single factor, it is a build-up of stressors over time that interfere with our body’s natural healing mechanism. Bioenergetics help us to determine those interferences by identifying the frequency signatures of your unique stressors.

Muscle Response Testing

At Heights of Health, we use many different types of testing, both high tech and low tech. Muscle Response Testing falls into the Low Tech category because it simply and effectively uses the client’s own muscles to help the practitioner better understand what is going on within the body.

Energetic Cellular Release (ECR)™

Stress in the body, whether from physical or mental/emotional causes, creates a block to the healing process, a short-circuit in the body’s healing system. At Heights of Health, we have developed proprietary techniques called ECR™ to help reduce the stress load within the body so that healing can happen more rapidly.

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