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Our à la carte services, include:

Far InfraRed Sauna

Detox Ion Footbath


Body Composition and Phase Angle Analysis

QRS™ Mat



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Far InfraRed Sauna

Quickly and easily remove toxic waste from the body in 30 minutes.


  • Detoxification: Removes 7X more toxic waste than sweating alone

  • Weight Loss: Burns roughly 600 calories in a 30 min. session

  • Pain Relief: Enhances circulation and muscle relaxation

  • Skin Conditions: Penetrates deeply to remove toxic waste from the pores

  • Circulation: Increases circulation to improve tissue oxygenation

  • Relaxation: Helps muscles relax to relieve tension and balance stress hormones


What sets our sauna service apart? Each session includes the use of a Power Step™ Vibrating Platform to help stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow before stepping into the sauna to help take your sauna benefits to the next level.

We offer an Individualized Detox & Recovery Consultation, as well as,

single use sessions and packages.

Cost of 30 minute session is $40; discounted packages available.

Detox Ion Footbath

You will be amazed when you see the amount

of toxins that leave your body in this 30 minute session.

The system uses negatively-charged ions to stimulate the removal of toxins through the pores of the feet, which happen to be some of the largest pores in your body. Most people experience a feeling of increased energy and mental clarity after a footbath.
It is recommended that most people receive a series of foot baths for optimal benefit.

Cost of 30 minute session is $40; discounted packages available.



“After I had been exposed to the flood waters from the Harvey reservoir release, I was awake night after night with severe leg cramps. Nothing I did would ease the pain. I did one footbath and the pain immediately disappeared. I am so very grateful!”

-T.S., Houston


Remove layers of stressors with BioScan™

BioScan™ is a BioResonance assessment tool tests for over 50,000 potential stressors, from foods to parasites and chemicals to emotions, by sending a signal to the body and measuring the speed/frequency with which it bounces back. Each signal gives a reading as to its severity of the stress on the body. Once these stressors are identified, we use a balancing technique called Energetic Cellular Release (ECR)™ to change how the body perceives those stressors – from detrimental to neutral or even positive.

Body Composition and Phase Angle Analysis (BCA)

The BCA is a great assessment tool to track progress in your program.
The session takes only 20 minutes and gives you a wealth of information.

Phase angle is a measure of the integrity of your cell membrane, also called your “cellular age.” As your health improves, so should this value. Additionally, you will learn your intracellular and extracellular hydration levels, body fat percentages and basal metabolic rate (calories you burn at rest in a day).
Cost is $35.

QRS™ Mat

Our QRS™ Mat is a great way to help bring the body into equilibrium.
It takes less than 10 minutes and is backed by hundreds of studies showing its benefits.

Infuse your body with Low Level PEMFs (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies). PEMFs activate your mitochondria (the powerhouses of the cells) and your innate healing ability. The low frequency from the QRS™ Mat is similar to the Earth's natural resonance and is used to balance the high EMFs emitted by cell phones and electronics.

QRS™ Benefits:

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Stress Relief

  • Deeper Sleep

  • Protects and Corrects EMF Damage

  • Promotes Healthy Detox

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Improved Metabolism

  • Bone Density

  • Hormone Balance

  • Mitochondrial Health​

Session is about 15 minutes and the fee is $20. 

This service couples well with an ECR™ session or a Detox Footbath.

Alpha-Stim™ Package

The Alpha Stim™ is a non-invasive device that immediately and cumulatively 

releases the effects of stress and trauma.  

The dramatic research results demonstrate that short-term use can decrease anxiety up to 94%.  Cumulative and lasting results are best achieved after just 21 days of daily use for 20-60 minutes.  

The Alpha-Stim™ Package consists of a powerful 1-hour clinical session with

a Holistic Mind Wellness Practitioner 


at home rental of the Alpha-Stim™ for the following 3 weeks. 


Learn more about the Alpha-Stim™ from Heather on Fox 26, and from a recent Dr. Oz episode.

“After a very traumatic year of three family deaths, a job loss and a move, I was pretty spent mentally, physically, but mostly emotionally. Not only was I dealing with tremendous stress but also with anxiety. This is when I knew I had to reach out to my “tribe” at Heights of Health. They gave me a schedule of using the Alpha Stim™ twice daily at 60 minutes for three weeks. I can honestly say that this machine has been a tremendous help. It has totally calmed my anxiety, and has helped me to release my stresses. I am a true believer in the Alpha-Stim™.”


HeartMath emWave® Biofeedback

Train your mind and body to independently and quickly change old ineffective physiological stress responses while improving gut health, cardiovascular health, neurological clarity and emotional resilience.

Biofeedback therapy can help with everything from anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and disease in the body, cardiac imbalances and yes digestive challenges too?

The emWave® Pro is a highly sought-after and scientifically validated biofeedback system that teaches the user to bring the heart, mind and emotions into sync. We call this coherence. When individuals learn how to achieve coherence, research shows profound benefits in gut health, cardiovascular health, neurological clarity and emotional resilience. During these three sessions, you will train your mind and body to independently and quickly change old ineffective physiological stress responses, even when you’re not connected to the emWave software. 


emWave® Package

Three in-clinic training sessions. 

1. 1-hour session where you will learn specialized techniques for managing your own heart rate and stress response while hooked up to the biofeedback technology.

2. 30-minute session where you will continue to hone your coherence skills. 

3. 30-minute session where you will learn to transfer the training techniques into real life.



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