January Specials

10% off* TriVibrance™ Oils

Fast Track Emotional Healing for the New Year

These five unique oil blends were specifically selected and combined with the up-leveling healing frequencies to create a beneficial effect greater than each could achieve individually. Each oil blend helps you release negative emotional blocks to allow the flow of higher vibration energy into and throughout the body.


You will also receive a free transformative audio with the accompanying printable handout called The Vibrant Flow™  (an added $20 value). The Vibrant Flow™ helps release toxic emotions from certain major organs by combining the use of a specialized breath technique with the power of each of the five TriVibrance™ blends.

Individual oils ....... $34.20 + tax ($58 value)

(+ The Vibrant Flow™ bonus

TriVibrance Bundle ....... $157.50+ tax ($203 value)

(all 5 TriVibrance™ oils + wooden stand + The Vibrant Flow™ bonus)

*For the month of January 2021

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