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March Specials 2023

15% off supplements:

  • Ultimate Cellular Health

  • NAC

  • Quercetin

  • Natto

  • VeganZyme

  • (New) Cardio Support

  • (New) Detox Footpads

march specials.png

Learn more about the benefits from these supplements in Tracy's updated blog post on Spike Protein.

15% off Footbaths and Saunas

Footbath Fridays   &   Sauna Mondays

Image by Anelya Okapova


Detox Footbath uses negatively-charged ions to stimulate the removal of toxins through the pores of the feet, which happen to be some of the largest pores in your body.

Woman in a Sauna


InfraRed Sauna penetrates the pours deeply and removes 7X more toxic waste than sweating alone while burning roughly 600 calories per session. It also enhances circulation to improve tissue oxygenation.

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