May Specials 2022

Supplements 15% off :

Immune Alert 


L Theanine +Ashwagandha 

King Coffee 

Activated Charcoal 

Lower Bowel Stimulation 

Calm Five 

Field of Flowers 

Core Ginger 

Silver Shield Gel 

CBD Salve


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Learn more about the benefits of these supplements in Tracy's latest blog post.

Mother's Day Specials

*NEW* TriVibrance Protective Pendant Necklace

Sale Price: $32 (Reg: $46)

Limited Quantity

Do you feel drained by electronic pollution (including 5G radiation, radiation from air travel, and other harmful electromagnetic frequencies)? Are you consistently drained by negative individuals and/or relationships? 
Our one-of-a-kind TriVibrance™ Protective Pendant Necklace provides mind, body, and spirit protection from these low vibration factors. Wear it around your neck to gently harmonize and transform detrimental energies, thus strengthening your personal energy field. 
Our beautiful TriVibrance™ Protective Pendant Necklaces include an aesthetic, lightweight, 0.8 inch lead-free pewter pendant with 2 proprietarily imprinted holographic stickers. The Protective Pendant hangs on a sparkling sterling silver 30 inch cable chain. The chain can be worn long on the outside of clothing as a stunning protective accessory or inside the shirt with outfits or days when no jewelry is desired. The necklace is long enough to allow doubling up of the chain for a shorter look.


Energy Work at Home

Each Class = $21.25 (15% off reg. price of $25) 

Package of 7 = $119 (each class with package $17) 

More info on classes here.

  • Tracy - Muscle/Energy Testing at Home: Learn to use your own body to empower yourself and your family to be healthier and happier   

  • Amanda Mirabella - Pendulum testing: How to use a pendulum to read your body’s signals.

  • Heather -  The Vibrant Flow™: A Powerful and Simple Meditation to Transform Your Life

  • Cheryl Hensley - Learn about the Chakra system and Ways to Balance It

  • Heather Goodwin - The Vibrant Breath™: A 5-Minute at Home Breathwork Exercise for Peace and Freedom

  • Stacy Betzing - Tools to Keep your Mind, Body and Spirit Strong and Vibrant

  • Kathy Dunderdale - Health at Your Fingertips: Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-philosophy

Affiliate Sale 

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