August Specials 2022

Supplements 15% off:

Adaptogenic Herbs and King Coffee:

  • Ashwagandha with L-Theanine
    Improve your focus and feel zen at the same time,

  • Core Ashwagandha
    Create relaxation, support adrenal health, improve cognitive function, promote better sleep and balance the immune system.

  • Core Maca Gold
    Balance women’s hormones- great for menopausal concerns, increasing fertility, improving mood, and increasing libido.

  • Core Mycelia Blend
    A blend of several adaptogenic mushrooms and Astragalus to strengthen and balance immune function.

  • Adaptive Cacoa
    This powder is a super-yummy chocolate powder with several adaptogenic herbs and superfoods added to it, which include reishi, ashwagandha, cordyceps, lion’s mane and chaga, as well as prebiotic fiber and raw cacao.

  • King Coffee
    Organic instant coffee contains reishi mushrooms to balance out the effects of the caffeine, giving you a mild and balanced energy boost while supporting the immune system and adrenal glands. 

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Sauna Mondays and Footbath Fridays

Image by Anelya Okapova


Detox Footbath uses negatively-charged ions to stimulate the removal of toxins through the pores of the feet, which happen to be some of the largest pores in your body.

Woman in a Sauna


InfraRed Sauna penetrates the pours deeply and removes 7X more toxic waste than sweating alone while burning roughly 600 calories per session. It also enhances circulation to improve tissue oxygenation.

Schedule a footbath on Friday or sauna on Monday during the month of August for $35. Regularly priced $45

Upcoming Events


Call or email to register!

Heather Goodwin, MA, HHP, our director of therapy services, and Peyton English,  LMSW for an in-person action-packed workshop. Both parent/guardian and kids will learn how to effectively manage their own stress responses. When families use these types of tools together, research shows that there is an actual synchronizing of the brain and hearts, creating a calmer household. Participants will walk away armed with a toolbox full of practical, easy-to-use, life-transforming techniques. It is guaranteed to not only be empowering for the adults and children but will be loads of fun!

Join us for 1 of 2 fun-filled, half-day sessions while you synergize with your child.
Date: Saturday, 9/10/22
Session 1: 9 am-12 pm for guardians and kids 5-8 years
Session 2: 1-4 pm for guardians and kids 9-12 years.


Early bird pricing (purchase by August 12th) is $65 per person, $50 per person if 2 or more attend.

Regular pricing: $75 for one person and $60 for each if there are 2 or more.


Introducing: Heights Skin Care!

We are proud to be sharing a space with Heights Skin Care, and they are doing a promotional sale for Heights of Health clients! More info on our blog.

All Heights of Health clients who want to experience Stevie's services for the first time will receive a customized Body Lotion and Shower Gel* blended in-house with her essential oil blends to focus on your skin's needs.

*$82 value and exclusive to all new guests only for June & July 2022

Explore and book here:

​ (Book ONLY through her website; Stephanie only books Heights of Health client appointments.)

Not sure which service is best? Please contact her directly for guidance: