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15% off* QiGong Face and Neck Therapy

Medical Qigong Face and Neck Therapy is an innovative, restorative procedure that stimulates acupoints and meridians, opening and balancing the energetic flow throughout the body.
According to TCM theory, the face is like a mirror of the body and mind, and reflects the condition of the internal body systems.

Medical Qigong Face and Neck Therapy includes the following:

  • Phototherapy using LED red/blue/green light to stimulate the circulation of Qi and blood

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation created by a gentle micro-current pulsing system

  • NaCHer Skin Serum with CBD (or your own) to balance and hydrate the skin

  • Medical Qigong with 4-7-8 Breathing to further propagate the energetic movement of Qi to adjacent acupoints.

*For the month of November 2020

December Specials

15% off* Tracy's Supplement Picks

Finding Peace & Calm


Theanine: This amino acid found in green tea is a great one to have around to promote “Alert Relaxation,” helping you get those boxes checked off of your list while you feel focused and calm. You can take this during the day or at bed. It won’t make you tired but should help you calm down if you are having difficulty falling asleep.


Gaba Plus: If you ever suffer from busy brain, you know what if feels like to have the neurotransmitter Gaba is out of balance - the mind reels from thought to thought and you cannot focus. I also find that people deficient in Gaba have brains that don’t stop but lack the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, it is depleted through extended stress, so it might be hard to find someone these days who isn’t depleted…


RelaxMax: Enjoy this tasty powder throughout the day and at bedtime to help you stay in positive and calm mood. This combination contains theanine, Gaba and other nutrients to promote a general sense of wellbeing. Kids love it, too!

*For the month of December 2020

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