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Events and Trainings

We strive to support clients and practitioners alike in communal events and educational trainings.

For Clients

We hold both community events and educational trainings for clients at Heights of Health and online via Zoom

People During Workshop
Colleagues Working Together

For Practitioners

We hold trainings for practitioners at Heights of Health and online via Zoom.

What Clients Say

"Nothing I have done or will do in the future will come close as to what you have done for me... Well, the reason I love heights of health and the staff so much is that this was my last hope. I did almost everything for my allergies and was sick and tired of having them. I share my experience all the time and people believe me because they know how much I suffered in the past... I have so much faith in your practice that I have 3 people lined up and possibly more after this week. I have been talking to many people who are suffering and I want to help them experience Heights of Health."

J. N., Houston

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