Our practitioners use the following six concepts to Cultivating Holistic Transformation for Mind, Body, Spirit in each individual client and help guide the body to reach optimal health. Our innovative and experienced care is led by compassion and a true desire to help everyone better understand the basic tenets of holistic wellbeing so that we can all live up to our greatest potentials.

Natural Healing

1. The body is designed to heal itself.​

When we cut a finger or bruise ourselves, we rarely think about how the body innately heals itself. This process applies, or should apply, to any health imbalance. However, when we have excess toxicity, stress and/or nutritional deficiencies, the body is not able to fully utilize this natural and inherent ability and imbalance and dis-ease set in. In order to achieve holistic wellbeing, these key factors of detoxification, stress-relief and proper nutrition must be addressed to support and restore the body’s innate healing ability. This is the basic philosophy of naturopathic medicine.

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

2. The mind, body, and spirit are inextricably connected.

Each of us has experienced butterflies in our stomachs or physical heartache from emotional pain.  The physical and non-physical are truly intertwined, so we must acknowledge and address all aspects of their interconnectedness in order to achieve authentic wellbeing.  To not recognize this would be a true disservice to our nature. We support a deeper spiritual connection based on the faith path of each client. This focus comes from the understanding of the growing field of Mind-Body-Spirit (Holistic) Medicine.

Vibrant Wellness

3. Health is not merely the absence of disease.

The body is always in flux and gives us signs of imbalance more often than we realize – we just need to learn to listen. Just as we would not put a piece of tape over a warning light on our car dashboard, we should not simply numb or ignore these “warning lights” that our bodies give us. It takes time and attention to achieve and maintain health goals and we, at Heights of Health, are here to help gracefully and easily guide you through these “warning lights” to allow your body to reach the balance you desire.

Individualized Care

4. Everything resonates at its own unique and measurable frequency.

Each thing resonates at a distinctive frequency, whether it is a nutrient, toxin, pathogen, or even emotion. At our most basic level, we are all frequency-based beings in a frequency-based universe. This is rooted in the principles of Bio-Electric and Bio-Energetic Medicine. Using assessment tools, we can identify your unique stressors and create an individualized health plan for you.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Body Intelligence

5. The body retains memories of experiences that affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Every experience we have can be stored within our subconscious mind and our cells (together this is called our Global Stored Memory) which, as a survival mechanism, directs our behavior and health. Science is now proving that RNA stores memories and RNA directs DNA. Click here and here for more information. This is especially true with traumatic and other stressful experiences and can cause significant hindrances to our health and wellbeing. By eliminating or minimizing the impact of these stored memories, the innate healing process of the body is supported on all levels and the body can then come into balance. This is based on the new biology termed

"The Wisdom of Your Cells" by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Thoughts Matter

6. Belief or trust in the process of healing is essential to achieving wellness.

We work collaboratively with our clients to Inspire Positive Change, and trust is essential to that process. Wellbeing starts in the mind and, in order to create holistic and lasting wellness, we must be a part of the process on all levels. If we are consciously or subconsciously disbelieving in the path we have chosen to health and/or our innate ability to heal, we are blocking the healing process. Our practitioners work with clients to release limiting thoughts and blocks to healing, but if someone is going down a path to healing and consciously believes it will not help, they will assuredly sabotage their health goals. Please read this great article on the importance of trust when working with health care professionals.

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