Mind Body Spirit Release™ Trainings

Are you interested in becoming a holistic health practitioner, or in developing a truly holistic existing practice? We offer live, online trainings with support through Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy for those desiring to make a truly positive shift in the world.

Live Online Training with support for the Mind Body Spirit Release™ Method and the Holistic Wellness Approach™

If you are interested in becoming certified in a truly remarkable technique to help identify and release unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs and other energetic imprints that keep people from healing on all levels, Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy might be the place for you. MBSR™ Academy was opened in 2020 and has trained hundreds of excellent practitioners around the world.

Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy is fully accredited and is geared toward health practitioners: DCs, MDs, NDs, Acupuncturists, Health Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, Functional Medicine Practitioners, etc., but is also open to those wishing to enter the field of holistic health or to learn it for personal use. The MBSR Method can be done in person or virtually/remotely, so it is well-suited for almost any type of wellness practitioner.

We offer 3 levels of training that build upon each other: Foundational, Advanced, and Professional.​ We also offer a certification course for the Holistic Wellness Approach™ where practitioners can learn an innovative and effective framework to put together comprehensive supplement programs – Holistic Wellness Plans – that are tailor made for each client/patient. Unlike other methods, this approach is truly holistic, taking into account supplementation, dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are tailor-made for each client/patient. We use this approach in our clinic with great results.

All certification courses are offered online in a live format with ongoing support. For more information, click
HERE to visit our Academy website.​

Mind Body Spirit Release Training Videos

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Mind Body Spirit Release Level 1 Certification

An overview of the transformative tools you will learn in the level 1 course.

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Mind Body Spirit Release Clearing

A basic overview of how to do a Mind Body Spirit Release clearing.

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