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Our dedicated and compassionate Practitioners use innovative technologies like Bioenergetics and techniques such as The Holistic Wellness Approach™ to determine underlying toxicities and imbalances. Using these modalities, we develop individualized programs to help you tap into your body's innate ability to heal through a truly comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach. At the end of each session, you will go home with a plan of action for rediscovering your most vibrant self. All appointments are available in-clinic or virtually.

Holistic Wellness

Holistic Therapy

Mind Body Spirit Release™


Holistic Wellness is great for those seeking to

  • Improve immune function, energy and vitality levels, hormonal balance, cognitive health, digestive health, quality of sleep, etc...
  • Reduce stress and inflammation in the body.
  • Learn more about holistic health, positive lifestyle changes, and how to improve overall wellness.
  • Obtain an Individualized Holistic Protocol to enhance their health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

Our Bioenergetics Technology  identifies imbalances that are at the root of what is keeping you from being your best self. Your skilled practitioner will recognize patterns in these imbalances and develop a personalized Individualized Holistic Protocol (IHP) just for you using her vast education and experience along with a technique called The Holistic Wellness Approach™. Within your IHP, she will address your concerns from a rounded perspective, which may include nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, lifestyle adjustments, Mind Body Spirit Release™ and Energetic Cellular Release (ECR)™ to facilitate your body’s self-healing process.

What to Expect

Before your appointment, you will fill out an Intake Form, create your personal portal and complete your Bioenergetics scan. Instructions on how to complete this will be emailed to you after you schedule your initial appointment.

During the appointment, you and your practitioner will

  • Discuss your intake, health history and goals.
  • Review of your Bioenergetics scan results.
  • Create an Individualized Holistic Protocol utilizing Muscle Response Testing through the Holistic Wellness Approach™

Sometimes, during the initial appointment or during follow-ups, you may also experience some energy work to lower stress in the body and speed the self-healing process:

After your 2-Hour session, you will have a plan to go forward in your health journey with a program tailor-made for you. This may include recommendations for nutritional changes, lifestyle updates, addition of supplements or detoxification. To assess progress and support you on your health journey, follow-up appointments are typically recommended after 2-4 weeks. In the interim, we are available via email and/or phone for any questions or concerns.

More information about our Bioenergetics Technology

Tracy, Sonya, Amanda, and Laura see clients for this initial appointment and follow-ups.

Initial Appointment
2 hours / $400-$500

Follow Up Appointments
1 hour / $200-$250

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Holistic Therapy is great for those seeking to

  • Engage in an integrative and holistic approach to therapy: cognitive, biological, relational, somatic, spiritual
  • Develop skills to cope with emotional stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, life transitions, grief, and general low mood
  • Define and work toward achieving life goals and make lasting positive changes
  • Engage in a daily self-transformative routine for better emotional, physical and spiritual health
  • Gain insights into emotions, the mind-body connection, and awareness of subconscious parts or patterns
  • Feel seen and supported in a welcoming, safe environment
  • Develop self esteem, self compassion, healthy assertiveness/communication skills, healthy boundaries
  • Move towards their most authentic Self
  • Integrate developmental trauma or intergenerational trauma

How does it work?

Our Holistic Therapists aim to empower and support their clients to release and reframe negative mental/emotional responses to stress and other emotional imbalances and replace them with nurturing and healthy lifestyle habits. Clients are taught real-life, science-based techniques to help them manage their emotional stressors. Clients learn to develop tools such as meditation, breathwork, EFT/Tapping, Cognitive Behavioral practices, and more. Our goal is to empower clients to create a better sense of emotional wellbeing and calm while replacing ineffective habits and behaviors with positive, transformative ones. 

What to Expect

You can expect a welcoming, judgment-free space to explore challenging thoughts, emotions and experiences. We utilize a “talk-therapy PLUS” model that is trauma-informed and whole body based. Our work is individualized based on your needs - meaning we have a lot of different tools in our therapeutic toolbag (mindfulness, cognitive, somatic, energy-based) and pull them out as needed.

Our goal as therapists is to help you hold the “too-muchness” or the “stuckness” of it all and join you on your path forward toward authentic aliveness.

An initial appointment with our Holistic Therapist will last 1-1.5 hours. After a detailed history is taken and discussed, the client will work with their therapist to develop goals and an action plan for their journey together. With their goals as a compass, the client will learn valuable tools to help him or her begin to develop lifestyle habits and a routine that incorporates the implementation of stress reduction exercises and positive behavioral changes. Follow up appointments are 50 minutes and highly encouraged to occur weekly or biweekly so that goals can be achieved quickly.

Peyton and Heather are available for a free 15-minute consultation call to make sure this is the right fit for you.

Heather and Peyton both see clients for Holistic Therapy in-clinic and virtually.

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We offer training for practitioners and people desiring to become practitioners in this life-changing technique. Trainings are live and taught virtually. Click HERE for more information.”

If you are a practitioner who wants to create a more holistic program/path for your clients without needing to go through our training, we offer a great REFERRAL PROGRAM to help you help your patients/clients achieve their goals.  Click HERE for more information. 

MBSR™ is great for those seeking to

  • Reduce the effects of stress and stressful triggers on the mind and body.
  • Enhance spiritual and emotional growth.
  • Create and foster healthier relationships.
  • Develop healthier boundaries.
  • Become aware of and more in control of what beliefs are driving actions.
  • Develop a deeper sense of love and self-compassion.
  • Experience more physical and emotional balance.
    Attain life goals and foster a growth lifestyle.

What is it?

MBSR™ is a method to help people recognize and release what is holding them back on an energetic plane from reaching their goals in life.

  • Initially, it is a system to access emotional/mental/spiritual toxins and blocks, limiting beliefs, and the detrimental imprints of stressful and traumatic events imprinted in the subconscious mind and on the body.

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Secondly, it is a technique using cold laser/light on specific reflex points and meridians to reduce stress and open up the energetic flow in the body, allowing the release of these toxins/imprints so that the body can heal more efficiently and effectively.

Amanda and Cheryl and see clients for initial appointments and follow-ups.

Initial Appointment
2 hours / $400

Follow Up Appointments
1 hour / $200

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Where to Begin


Initial Appointment Type
Holistic Wellness
Holistic Therapy
Mind Body Spirit Release™
Holistic Detox
Life Journey

Health concerns are primarily physical: energy, sleep, hormones, digestion, skin, immune function, memory/cognition, aging, etc.

X     X  

Health concerns are primarily mental/emotional: stress, anxiety, mood, attention/focus, etc.

  X X    

Experiencing challenges in relationships, communication, overwhelm, boundaries, life transition, sexuality, grief, self-esteem, perfectionism


Trauma Support


Health concerns are focused on goal setting, life changes, life skills, etc.

  X X   X

Wanting to start a daily mindfulness routine/meditation


Sleep Issues

X X   X  

Children with ADD/ADHD Spectrum/School Issues

X X      

New to holistic health/energy work

X X   X X

Clients interested in Detoxification

X     X  

Parasite and Heavy Metal/Chemical Cleanse

X     X  

Clients with complicated physical health issues

X   X    

Children under 14

X X      

Children/Adults over 14


Group Therapy