Our Holistic Detox:

Heights of Health's Holistic Parasite, Heavy Metal and Chemical Detox Program

Welcome to Heights of Health's Holistic Detoxification Program – a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs, addressing parasites, environmental toxins, heavy metals and more. Our cost-effective six-month program, extendable for deeper detoxification, goes beyond the physical, embracing the mind, body, and spirit. Our intent is to create an effective, graceful, and easy process that does not disrupt your busy life.

The Heights of Health Difference

Our program taps into your body's innate ability to heal, offering a truly holistic detoxification experience. Uncover a newfound understanding of what it means to be a healthy person—body, mind, and spirit.

Our Holistic Approach

At Heights of Health, we understand that true health encompasses more than just the physical. Our unique program includes monthly practitioner sessions (in-clinic or virtual) using our Holistic Wellness Approach™ to create personalized supplement and holistic lifestyle plans to move you through an effective detoxification protocol. Using advanced techniques like muscle/energetic testing, we work to balance and support essential areas, starting with mitochondrial and cellular health, moving on to the neuroendocrine system, opening drainage pathways, binding toxins/toxicants and addressing pathogens like parasites.

Comprehensive Detoxification

Our program systematically opens detoxification pathways—intestines, liver/gallbladder, kidneys, and lymph—to ensure a graceful and easy cleansing process. Additionally, included in the program is a monthly detox accelerator – a detox footbath, infrared sauna, or detox footpads to use at home. At each session, clients receive a Holistic Wellness Plan, based on their bio-individuality, ensuring a transformative experience.

Educational Empowerment

Between sessions, participants receive informative videos and materials, empowering them to understand the detoxification journey from a mind, body, spirit perspective. They will learn not only about the process but also adopt tools and practices for a healthier life, fostering uniquely holistic life changes.

Holistic Wellness for Complex Cases

For those with complex health issues, we recommend that you start with a different service called Holistic Wellness. Addressing multifaceted challenges, this is a 2-hour appointment to go into further detail on health challenges.

Commit to Your Best Self

Embrace a cleaner, clearer life with a new perspective on health. Your initial session will be 1 hour, then you can commit to the six-month program with monthly 30-minute appointments, either in-person or virtually via Zoom. Click here for more information on remote sessions. This program will support you staying on track, as you will receive continuous support tailored to your evolving needs.


Make the Commitment Today

Transform your life—physically, mentally, and spiritually. Join Heights of Health's Holistic Detoxification Program and embark on a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. Your cleaner, clearer life awaits!

Your initial appointment to get you started in the program will last 60 minutes at the cost $200-250. You will also receive educational materials after the session plus a detox footbath, sauna or Detox Foot Pads.

After that first session, the program will entail a monthly fee of $150-175 which includes your 30-minute follow-up practitioner session to create your monthly individualized Holistic Wellness Plan as well as the accompanying educational materials and a 30-minute detox foot bath, infrared sauna or pack of Detox Foot Pads.

This does not include any supplements or other therapies that are recommended. However, all recommendations for in-clinic products and services will receive a 10% discount as long as you are enrolled in our Holistic Detox Program. Your credit card on file will be charged monthly at your appointment for the duration of your commitment.

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