Mind Body Spirit Release™
Referral Program

If you believe that incorporating the mind, body, spirit aspect of healing can profoundly affect positive change in your clients/patients, then this program is for you.

How this works:

  • We provide you and your clients with access to our trusted Master MBSR™ Practitioners
  • For each client/patient you refer who completes an initial MBSR™ appointment, you receive $25 as a thank-you. This can be as a direct payment or a credit to use yourself or as a gift to your patients/clients.)
  • We track your referrals and post payments/credits quarterly.

How to get started:

  • You can email [email protected] and fill out paperwork to begin. Or you can call our office for more information: 713-861-6777.
  • Once you have signed up, we provide you with informational handouts to provide to your patients/clients.
  • Your clients/patients contact us directly for an appointment.
  • We will track these referrals and provide you with $25 thank you gifts quarterly.

The results we have seen with patients and clients when they implement this modality into their health programs have been phenomenal. We hope you will consider our program to help your patients/clients achieve truly holistic wellness.

You can be assured that we will work with your clients/patients only in the emotional arena while you continue working with them in the physical arena where you perform so well.


"I had intense and disruptive verbal and physical tics and after a few months of working with my practitioner, I have zero tics, I’ve felt happier, had more energy, and found a beautiful amount of peace with things from my past and my present." - AR

“I've continued to not get anxious when sickness happens (my daughter got sick last week again this time with vomiting). That would have typically thrown me into an anxious state but I feel I dealt with it well. The other biggest thing I've realized is that I do not drink alcohol anymore. I stopped on January 1st and haven't been craving it or "needing" it to calm down or numb my emotions and escape from myself. I realized it was becoming an issue and now I feel free of that habit.” - VG