CBD Oil – What You Need to Know

Jun 20, 2019
CBD Oil – What You Need to Know

From lotions to coffees to edibles, CBD is fast becoming the most popular natural health trend to date. CBD is NOT marijuana; in fact it is an extract made from the cousin hemp plant and is not psychoactive or addictive. CBD can legally contain up to 0.3% THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana), but the amount is so small that you would not feel any effect from it.

Before you jump on the CBD train, here are some important things you need to know in order to get the most benefit from this amazing supplement.

1) Use Organic Only – The hemp plant is a known for being great at “phytoremediation,” a process of plants cleaning chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins from the soil and the air.  This is a wonderful property, unless you are consuming the CBD oil from the plants that have absorbed all of those toxins.  Make sure that you ONLY use CBD (topically or internally) from CERTIFIED organic hemp plants grown in America (where regulations are stricter than China or India) to avoid these harmful pollutants.

2) Choose Clear and Informative Labeling – Milligrams of Hemp Extract is very different from the milligrams of the active constituent of CBD (Cannabiniols).  Look for the CBD content per dose (not the whole container) to be able to control your dosage properly.  

3) Select Pure Ingredients with Third Party Testing – Many of products currently on the market contain chemicals like flavorings and sugars that can trigger the very symptoms you are trying to eliminate.  Make sure that your product is 100% pure and natural.  CBD oil has a flavor that is not horrible, but not tasty by any stretch.  To cover the flavor, natural peppermint or cinnamon oil is sometimes added to the oil.

4) Use the Right Form and Start Slowly – The best ways to deliver CBD are either topically through the skin or sublingually under the tongue.  CBD is broken down through the digestive tract, and the supplement is typically ineffective in the form of food, drinks, or even capsules.  When taken topically or sublingually, the active components go directly into the blood stream for optimal effectiveness.    

5) Trust Experience – There are many companies jumping on the CBD Bandwagon to make money from its popularity, disregarding the best interests of the consumers.  Look for an established, science-based (as opposed to marketing-based) company that has been around for a few years to gain the experience and insights to provide you with the best CBD solutions to fit your needs.