Stand Your Ground During Groundless Times

Jun 30, 2021
Stand Your Ground During Groundless Times

Over the past year, I have often felt like I couldn’t find my center, my ground. I’ve watched my kids suffer emotionally through this immensely challenging time. My daily grounding routine has been a true lifesaver. I feel like it has strengthened my centering “muscles,” giving me the courage to stand my ground.

Seven years ago, I started a mission called TriVibrance™ with my partners, Tracy Southwick and Stacy Betzing. We created products that uplevel your health in every facet. We developed several exercises, that combined with our powerful oil blends, help you find your true ground. (Please note, these exercises don’t require the oils to be effective; the oils act to amplify the powerful protective effects). Below are some of my favorites that I do personally every day! Find the ones that resonate with you, teach your kids, and practice with them as many days as you can.

Here are the exercises I do daily. See the TriVibrance™ website for all tools, guided meditations, and download full instructions:


This exercise protects your energy from negative outside influences and helps you ground in your body. I feel like this exercise gives me a healing protective bubble to walk around in all day. If possible, do this exercise outside, barefoot on the soil. Your feet will absorb health-enhancing negative ions that act as a sort of antioxidant.

This easy and fast exercise combines the benefits of abdominal breathwork with the high vibrational frequencies of the TriVibrance™ oils. The combination of breath and oil creates a synergistic and transformative shift in the mind, body and spirit, immediately and cumulatively.

This powerful meditation stimulates acupressure points on the hands to strengthen and balance all major organs while releasing specific negative emotions.


This tool activates energetic centers of the body, thus increasing overall vitality and energy. It also strengthens your immune system, which is a welcomed bonus these days!

As an added grounding/centering practice, my family uses protective diodes. The TriVibrance™ Electronics Diodes are imprinted with balancing frequencies that work to harmonize the damaging radiation emitted from today’s electronics. Place these adhesive protectors on your family’s phones, laptops, pads, microwaves, and even on your wireless router. (On special this month) 

The TriVibrance™ Personal Diodes are worn on the body to transform detrimental energies around you by strengthening your personal energy field. Wear on the left side of your body in a pocket, sock and throw one in your car, purse and your kids’ backpack. (On special this month)

We want our exercises to enhance your lives as they have ours, so we have lovingly created downloadable handouts and audios/videos to help you perform the exercises with as much ease as possible. Please visit and use these powerfully grounding tools as our gift to you and your family. Additionally, this month, we would like to offer a 15% discount on all our TriVibrance™ products as another way to partner with you in this grounding and healing journey.

Lastly, a few other tidbits to help your family stay healthy and grounded include taking high-quality minerals and ensuring proper hydration. I put these minerals (CT minerals) and these rehydration drops (Rehydration) in every glass of water I drink (and also sneak them into my kids’ water bottles!). Both of these powerful supplements help the body best conduct the electricity that keeps us healthy and grounded. Additionally, if you aren’t able to go outside to “ground” with your bare feet, consider purchasing a grounding mat. These are also very helpful to put under your feet if you are at a computer for the majority of the day. This company is providing a special discount code for Heights of Health clients. Just go to and enter in the discount code: HoH at checkout.

I feel that during these shifty times, these tools and resources have given me a type of superpower I get to walk around with all day. I feel fortunate to share these with you and I believe in the power of synergy. Together, we can align with our grounded energy and create the new world we desire.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”