Introducing a Leading-Edge Technology for Holistic Health

Jan 22, 2021
Leading-Edge Technology for Holistic Health

Education and Innovation are two of the Core Values at Heights of Health. We are Inspired (yet another Core Value) to share with you a new technology that can help you be more proactive about your health and wellbeing. It is called Healy™ and can be life-changing; it has been for me.

Healy™ is a new personal device that works on microcurrents to help the body return to a state of balance. By definition, a microcurrent device is "an electrotherapeutic modality that uses low levels of electrical current (less than 1 mAmp) to facilitate circulation and cellular healing or to reduce pain or edema." Another microcurrent device that you may be familiar with is the TENS Unit often used for pain relief and reduction of muscle spasticity. If you have ever used one, it is very effective.

The difference between Healy™ and TENS is that Healy™ has the ability to run microcurrent programs for pain as well as for a multitude of concerns, such as sleep, immune balance, EMF protection, detoxification, skin health, relaxation, hormone balance, and flexibility, to name a few. And all of this fits into the palm of your hand (or pocket); you can use it virtually anywhere.

There are several models of Healy™ available, but we only carry and recommend two (first, Healy™ Holistic Health Plus and second, the Healy™ Resonance). The Holistic Health Plus model only runs microcurrents, but the Resonance has the added ability to scan you to see what programs “resonate” with you at that time, so you know which programs to run. The Resonance also has additional programs around learning, job performance, chakra balance, anti-aging, and so many more. It can also scan and balance your Aura, too, which is always interesting!

In order to introduce this technology to you so that you can test it for yourself, we have developed a new service where you can try it out to see if you wish to purchase one for your own personal use. In this service, you will be scanned by our Resonance to see what programs you should run, and you will be able to run a program for the rest of the session. You can also choose to rent a unit (limited quantities) to try it out for a few days.

The session with Cheryl or Laura lasts 30 minutes for a fee of $50. You will be able to experience the benefits of one program that day, but you might have to hang around the office longer than the initial 30 minutes to allow the program to finish running (so plan for extra time just in case).

I love this technology because it helps you take more control of your health and wellbeing. In this day and age, we all need to be empowered with tools for the wellbeing of ourselves and our families. I don’t want to say I am addicted to my Healy™, but I kind of am….thank goodness there is a program for addictions, too! Maybe I should run that one…

Call our office to book your Healy™ appointment or learn more.