Heather’s Hints… on the Magic of Gratitude

Oct 17, 2018
Give Thanks

Here are my 5 favorite Gratitude Hints adapted from The Magic.

  1. Practice saying the words thank you” purposefully throughout your day. What you pay attention to in life will increase. Choose to find things for which to be grateful. When we practice the emotion of gratitude, life will bring us more to appreciate. Practice purposefully feeling the emotion of appreciation. The key to this hint is to reach for the easiest thing that generates the emotion of appreciation. Mine happens to be my cat. The cat doesn’t drudge up complications or triggers for me. The thought of my cat and her selfless love of my kids immediately shifts me into gratitude. Don’t try to feel appreciation regarding an emotionally loaded topic. Reach for the easy thought, then feel the emotion of gratitude in your heart space.

  2. Keep a gratitude journal AND don’t make it a chore! (I don’t know about you, but sometimes the idea of journaling feels like work to me.) So, I have found that using a simple notebook, (or a pretty journal if that makes you happy) and simply jotting down 2-3 things that I appreciate each morning, makes my whole day unfold differently. And, it’s okay if those 3 things are about your cat! Do this every day for a month, and watch your life shift.

  3. Keep a gratitude token on your bedside. In The Magic, the author suggests using a special rock. I use a small rock as well as a feather. Why? Because I always see feathers when I am flowing with gratitude. Life brings me feathers, and it makes me giggle and become even more grateful as I witness the evidence that I am truly the creator of my reality. I attracted that feather into my life! Before you drift off, hold your token and remember the thing for which you are most grateful in this day. Feel the appreciation in your heart. Say, “More of that please!”

  4. Transform your relationships with this easy hint. Make a list of the most important people in your life. Limit it to the top 5 or so. Brainstorm and quickly jot down (in your gratitude journal) the things you most appreciate about each of these people. Start with the magic words, thank you. “Thank you that ________________ is so…” Notice how much more in love you feel with each of these special individuals after practicing this hint.

  5. Directly show gratitude to the people you encounter today. Thank the cashier for her bright smile. Thank your postal worker for delivering your goods in the rain. Thank the customer service person on the end of the line for being so helpful. Thank your employer for something you love about your work. Thank your family for who they are. And most importantly, thank yourself for discovering the magic that moving toward appreciation has brought to your life.