Hidden Toxins of Summer

Apr 30, 2024

I think of summer as being such a healthy season – more time outdoors, more activity, more sunshine, fresh fruits and veggies… This is certainly true for many of us, but there are also hidden toxic exposures that come along with these benefits, whether we realize it or not. This month, I am going to highlight a few of these areas and give you some hacks to help you stay as healthy as possible.

Swimming Pools
Here in Houston, we love our pools! A refreshing plunge into cooler waters (unless it is late August) is a welcome respite from the oppressive heat. The downside…pools have lots of chemicals in high
concentrations like chlorine (carcinogenic) and toxic disinfectant byproducts that are not only bad for our skin but are absorbed into our tissues - especially when we are hot and our pores are enlarged.
These toxins are not filtered out and we rarely empty and refill our pools, so they build up over the
years. I am not saying to skip the pool, just take some precautions to help mitigate those risks
1) Wash off with clean water immediately after swimming.
2) Look into alternatives to reduce the amount of chemicals needed in your pool: article
3) Take Binders like HMET and ViRadChem to mop up chemicals that you might absorb in the
4) Take extra antioxidants like Vitamin E and Astaxanthin to protect the skin and cell membranes.

Golf Courses
I love golf and play regularly, so I would not ask another to give up the game. However, golf course are some of the heaviest users of herbicides and pesticides around. Every time you are out there, you are most likely getting exposed. The chemicals build up in the grass, the traps and the water features. They get on our clubs, balls, shoes and hands. Please, take some precautions when you are out there so that you enjoy your day and stay as healthy as possible.
1) Take AgriChord and DrainageTone homeopathics before and after playing to help your body
process the chemicals. I keep mine in my locker so I always remember.
2) Have a wet towel to clean your hands after you handle your ball and wash your hands after
3) Avoid playing on the days when your club is spraying. This is usually a set day, weather
4) Do not walk in your home with the same shoes you walked on the course…you are just bringing
those chemicals inside.
5) And, please, do not lick your golf balls or lick your fingers to clean them off… I know it sounds
silly but I see it all the time.

Pest Control/Mosquito Spray

With warm weather come pests. There is no avoiding this in Houston and many other places. Chemical
home pest control is very toxic to your family and your pets. Additionally, mosquito sprays can be very bad for us and are absorbed through our skin and lungs. Try these tips to reduce your exposure.
1) Use a Green/Non-Toxic home pest control service. They typically use boric acid or essential oils
and I have found them just as effective as the other guys. Good ones will also tell you where
you can proactively make changes in your home to prevent pests from coming inside.
2) For mosquito spray, I use essential oils or something with peperine (a derivative of pepper) for
good results.
3) Up your B Vitamins. Mosquitoes do not like the smell that we emit when we have higher levels
of B1 (Thiamine) and they tend to stay away.
4) Watch my videos on natural mosquito prevention for more tips. Click HERE and scroll to the
bottom of the page.

The sun gets strong and we pull out the sunscreen – sometimes for very good reason. Getting burned is
not healthy nor fun. The (huge) downside is that most sunscreens are incredibly toxic with chemicals
and nanoparticles that get into the cells and can cause damage. Our skin is our largest organ and
absorbs all kinds of things that we may or may not want in our bodies. Hopefully, you can use some of
these tips to help reduce that exposure.
1) Take supplements that help protect the skin and minimize damage – my favorites are
astaxanthin, Krill Oil (contains astaxanthin) and turmeric.
2) Eliminate seed oils from your diet (canola, vegetable, corn, peanut, safflower, sunflower, soy).
They increase inflammation, cause damage to your cell membranes and make you more
susceptible to burning and sun damage. Replace these toxins with healthier fats such as grass-
fed/organic ghee and butter, coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil (make sure it is not
adulterated by putting it in the fridge overnight. It should solidify – if not, toss it).
3) Use natural/organic sunscreen when needed. Skin Deep is a good database Environmental
Working Group’s verified non-toxic sunscreens (and other products).

Enjoy a clean, healthy and happy summer for you and your families!

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