I’m getting sick; What to do?! Help!!!

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We all get that feeling sometimes that we are “coming down with something…” You know what I mean – maybe a little more tired, a little achy, a little spacey. How many times do we just try to push through and land in bed for a few days with a yucky cold or flu? I have found time and time again that if I nip the feeling in the bud I can, virtually every time, avoid getting sick. That means, immediately starting self-care, not waiting a day or two so see what unfolds.

One tool that all our practitioners rely on is MBSR/ECR clearings. If you are feeling down, you can schedule a virtual appointment where we can do remote clearings and recommend a program tailor-made to help you get back on track

Sometimes, scheduling an immediate appointment is not an option so I reached out to my Heights of Health practitioners to find out what they do to get ahead of falling sick so that I could share it with you.

Below you will find a list of all our best go-to ideas that we use for ourselves and our families. Being prepared and prioritizing taking care of our bodies is key here, so enjoy the tips and stay well this winter!



At first signs of potential illness, I employ my surefire “formula” including my magic potion (my kids love my potion…not so much. But it works!)

  • Perform the speedy Vibrant Restoration exercise using my frequency-imprinted TriVibrance oils. (here are a video and handout). Do the Vibrant Restoration as often as possible throughout the day to increase vitality, immunity and energy. 

  • Get as much sleep as possible. I take adaptogenic herbs in the morning that calm my nervous system and significantly help with sleep by nightfall. My favorite is ashwaghanda that works to significantly reduce stress and inflammation. At bedtime, I pop a couple Gaba Plus by Nature’s Sunshine and now my body is empowered for a deeper sleep so it can heal. 

  • Use a nebulizer with 1 tsp of Molecula Silver 3x/day for about 10 min. Available at Heights of Health, Silver is a powerful antimicrobial. If you are brave, you can add a drop of tea tree oil. Use tea tree oil with caution because too much will burn your airways when inhaled.

  • Lastly, I flood my system with My Magic Immune Potion 2-3x/day. Take with food to avoid stomach upset. 

    • 1 tablespoon Molecula Silver (hold under tongue for at least 30 seconds and then swallow)

    • 40 mg zinc (food with this one!)

    • 5,000-10,000 Iu’s of Vit D3/K2 by Xymogen from Heights of Health

    • A good herbal immune compilation formula like Immune Alert by Herbal Medicine from Heights of

    • Health or Wellness Formula by Source Naturals https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/heights-of-health/store-start

    • 1 dropper of Viruchord (or Bacteriachord if it’s a bacterial infection) and 1 dropper Drainage Tone 3x/day both by Energetix and available at Heights of Health




  • I take the following supplements:

  • 1,000mg of vitamin C - 3 or 4 times a day

  • Drainage Tone and Lymph-Tone 1 by Energetix every 2-3 hours to keep my lymph moving things out.

  • Either Viru-Chord or Bacteria-Chord by Energetix (and sometimes both) every 2-3 hours

  • Molecular Silver - 1 Tbls, 3-4 times a day

  • BC-ATP by CellCore to stimulate my mitochondria (I usually take 2-4 every 4 hour)

  • I use Up Your Nose sinus spray - 2 squirts per nostril every 2-3 hours

  • sleep a lot. 

  • I do nasal rinses.

  • And, I do a clearing and whatever comes up, I always spit in a tissue and clear that too (those germs are weakening to my body).





If I am utilizing supplements, I muscle test to make sure I am choosing the right support for my body. The ideas below are geared towards a cold/respiratory symptoms since that's so prevalent in this season. 

  • There are a lot of easy tools that can be employed to help your body mount an immune response on its own. Ideas include: taking warm epsom salt baths, drinking lots of warm tea with honey throughout the day, utilizing self-lymphatic massage, and perhaps most obvious: resting

  • Other easy items you likely have around the house that can be used to fight infection are: eating raw crushed garlic with honey, putting hydrogen peroxide in the ears for ~1 minute each, and gargling with very salty water

  • Lastly, if you have these items on hand, they can make a tremendous difference in moving through the illness faster: sinus rinse with cleansing salt, nebulizing with distilled water and hydrogen peroxide, glutathione, or NAC



  • Stay hydrated with warm liquids. I like to drink hot water with a 1 Tbsp ACV, 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice, 1 Tbsp Honey, knob of fresh ginger. I will also sip hot tea or bone broth. I add some electrolytes or CT Minerals to my water.

  • Sleep! I prioritize rest and practice self compassion (i.e. remind myself it's ok to rest!)

  • Epsom salt bath

  • Neti pot with warm saline solution

  • Supplements I tend to use: Immune Alert, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D

  • If my mood is impacted, I like to try to get some sunshine on my skin, call and catch up with a friend, journal, or do some light yoga.




No one likes to be sick.  But, I always think this is the time to rest and reset. The key is to start supplementing as soon as symptoms appear.  These are things I try to do for not only myself, but also for my family.

  • Get an extra 1-2 hours of sleep.

  • Stay hydrated; adding electrolytes, Spectramin, CT-Minerals, or Bioplasma Cell Salts.  Organic bone broth is also very hydrating and supports the immune system.

  • Warm baths: 4 cups epsom salt, 2 cups baking soda, and 10 drops total of essential oils.  I love using thyme, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus essential oils.

  • Eliminate caffeine, dairy, and refined sugars.

  • Hot toddy minus the toddy :) -- Fresh lemon, ginger, turmeric, and chopped garlic tea with raw honey or Manuka honey. Try to eat the garlic and fresh ginger!

  • Get outdoors in the sun and nature.  I love looking at the morning or evening sun for 20-30 seconds. Our eyes are solar panels!  Take a walk in nature. Ground barefoot on grass if you can for only 10 min each day.

  • Don’t forget to hug your furry family members because no one else wants to be around you when sick. ;))

  • Most importantly, I facilitate ECR Clearings for myself and my family.  This makes a world of difference!

  • I support my lymphatic system by dry skin brushing, especially behind ears and under jaw.  I also use the power plate.

  • Since most ailments are stress induced, I increase adaptogenic herbs such as astragalus, eleuthero, and medicinal mushrooms.  I love Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, and Lions Mane mushrooms.

  • For chest/cold ailments, I mix coconut oil or castor oil with a few drops of thyme essential oil and rub on chest at bed; breathe all the goodness in!  You can also rub on bottom of feet!  Taking Seasonal Allergy is a must for sinus and cough relief; I take it every 3 -4 hours for the first 3-4 days of symptoms.

  • Swab inside nostrils with a cotton swab saturated in coconut oil with a drop of tea tree oil or thyme essential oil. This can open up and soothe sinuses, while destroying bacteria and fungus.  I also use Up your Nose Nasal Spray throughout day.

  • I keep this on hand if I need additional respiratory support:

    • Nebulize with food grade hydrogen peroxide and Himalayan salt.

    • Sinus rinse/ Navage 

  • I keep these supplements on hand and muscle test what is most beneficial.  It’s important to take these every 2-3 hours the first 3 days upon the onset of colds/ viruses/ bacterial infections: Molecular or Colloidal silver, Core Olive leaf, Oil of oregano, Viru- Chord

  • I also take these additional supplements:

    • Zinc - 40-60 mg daily

    • XCellent C-  5,000 - 10,000 mg daily

    • K2 D3  5,000 daily

    • Inflamma tone for ear aches/ pressure/ fevers/ headaches

    • Drainage tone or lymph Tone l for continued lymph support.

    • Magnesium at bed to help move colon /bowel movements




To support my immune system, I try to sit in the sun daily with much of my skin exposed and barefoot in the grass for 10-20 min. to both ground and optimize Vit D.  I take a Daily Antioxidant by Allegany and Astaxanthin a few min before going out into the sun.  When I cannot sit out in the sun, I will use an infrared sauna at least twice a week which raises my body temperature and triggers my cells’ natural immune repose.  I take electrolytes after a sauna session.

When I feel like my immune system needs extra support, I will muscle test which item(s) would be most impactful to best support my immune system:

  • Navage using distilled water with a dusting of a binder (Carboxy, Biotoxin Binder, ViRadChem or HM-ET).  I muscle test which binder.

  • Detox Foot Bath

  • ECR or MBSR Clearing

  • Coffee Enema 

  • I will Muscle test these supplements to see which combination will work synergistically to best support my immune system:

    •  Vit C, Drainage-Tone, Drainage Activator, Probiotics, IFC, CT-Minerals, BC-ATP, NAC, Cell Salts, Molecular Silver, Infoceuticals, Biocidin, Zinc Glycinate, Double Helix Water Drops, PhytoRad, Advanced Tudca, KL Support, LymphActiv, Quercetin

I also will incorporate homemade bone broth and warm water with crushed raw garlic, organic honey, lemon and cayenne.  I will do the Vibrant Flow exercise with all 5 TriVibrance™ oils, a self-lymphatic drainage massage and I try to laugh as much as possible. Here is a link to a great self-lymph massage.




During the fall and winter months, I try to get ahead of the cold and flu season by supplementing with products like:

  • SUMA or Adaptamax or nutrients such as Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C, D or A to support my immune and neuroendocrine systems. 

  • If I start to come down with a cold, I’ve found that mega-dosing products every one to two hours in a 24-to-48-hour period will knock out whatever I’m fighting. 

  • I keep a stash of immune boosting and antimicrobial products like Olive Leaf, Colloidal silver, Astragalus, Echinacea or Andographis in my cupboard as well as products to support my lymphatic system such as Drainage Tone or Lymph Tone I or II.   

  • I muscle test to see how many and the dosage of each product and test if I need additional organ (liver, thymus, lung or spleen), gland (thyroid or adrenals) or mitochondria support. 

  • I get plenty of rest and add electrolytes periodically to my water.

  • A footbath or infrared sauna session is beneficial, and Chicken Noodle Soup is a must!



  • I thump my thymus (your thymus is in the center of your chest and it is activated by a gentle thump).  I find it brings my energy up and strengthens my immune system.

  • I go outside and get some sunshine on as much of my skin as possible.  In addition to producing Vitamin D for your immune system, the sun stimulates the production of intracellular melatonin (not the type that makes you sleepy) which reduces inflammation in the body.

  • While outside, I try to "ground" to the earth by standing barefoot on the soil or grass. This greatly increases antioxidant potential in the body, reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system.

  • I take my favorite immune-stimulating supplements: Immune Alert (an herbal combination that works best in the first couple of days of an illness), BC-ATP (stimulates mitochondrial energy production so that my immune system has more energy to do its magic) and DrainageTone (a homeopathic to help the body move toxins and pathogens out with grace and ease).  I take a dose of each of these every 2-3 hours for the first couple of days and have had great results.  The key is starting the moment you feel something coming on.

  • We carry a new infoceutical called CFI that is great for boosting the immune system. It is so easy to take (just add the drops to your water) and even give to the whole family, even the littles.

  • I ALWAYS ask one of my colleagues to facilitate an MBSR or ECR clearing to help open the flow of healing by reducing stress on my system. Often, this alone will turn things around very quickly.

  • And, lastly, I tell myself that I am healthy and refuse to get sick – I learned that from my stepmother who never gets sick and it can be very effective – mind over matter.



    To help you ‘weather’ the germ filled winter, we have placed a number of the supplements mentioned above on 15% off for the month of February.

    Take advantage of these specials to have what you need on hand for those unexpected illnesses that try to take you or your family members down. Don’t forget that we can often get you in for a virtual session for ECR/MBSR and a personalized stay-healthy plan.