Important Announcement: Tracy’s Practice

2023 Nov 30, 2022

Beginning in January, the only NEW clients Tracy will see will be those participating in her new program called: "The Next Level".

Tracy’s existing clients may be candidates for The Next Level program or may continue following previous protocols; this decision will require a discussion with Tracy. If you or someone you know is interested in taking a deep dive to make a truly health-affirming, life-altering change in wellness status, we are booking those appointments now, to begin in January. Spots will be very limited so that Tracy can devote quality time to each client in the program.


The Next Level Program

The founder of Heights of Health, Tracy Southwick, ND, MBSR-MP, HHP, has combined her 27 years of education and experience to create a truly holistic, step-by-step, individualized program to guide clients to vibrant wellness.

It begins with a 2-hour initial session with Tracy to create an individualized protocol plan. Depending upon the client’s needs and goals, Tracy will recommend therapies and supplements. Each individual’s program will be unique, but all programs will include a monthly session with Tracy that can be in-person or virtual plus a virtual check-in every 2 weeks, with the program lasting 9–12 months.

The first 2-hour appointment will cost $500. Subsequent monthly costs will be determined based on the client’s needs and the total program that has been collaboratively created with Tracy. While some additional services/therapies may be recommended in any given individual’s plan, some other services and supplement discounts will be included in the Next Level package at no additional charge.

This program is restricted to clients who are resolutely committed to making game-changing strides in their wellness. The program is meant to be easily worked into one’s life and not be overwhelming, but truly effect positive change on all levels. Unlike most health programs out there, this program is results-driven and addresses health from a truly holistic perspective.

Here are just some of the areas covered in The Next Level:

  • Metabolic Health (Mitochondrial/Energy Production within the cells)

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Opening Drainage Pathways (Intestines, Liver, Lymph, etc.)

  • Emotional/Mental Health/Stress Management

  • Microbial Detoxification (Parasites, Spirochetes, Unhealthy Bacteria and Viruses)

  • Toxin/Toxicant Detoxification (Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins, Pesticides, Herbicides, etc.)

  • Implementing Healthy Habits

  • Reducing Toxic Exposure

  • Immune Strengthening

  • Rebuilding/Repairing the Body at a Cellular Level

Appointments for The Next Level program with Tracy can be booked now for next year (as space is available) by contacting Stephanie at the front desk at 713-861-6777. This is an opportunity to make 2023 the healthiest year yet!