Love Your Life Journey: New Tech for Holistic Therapy Appointments

bioenergetics biofield compassion goal setting lifestyle mindfulness nes self-love Feb 01, 2023
Sample Scan of "Hero's Journey" - Part of The Like Journey Assessment


“The Architect of the Universe did not build a stairway leading nowhere.” - Earl Nightingale


Do you ever feel like you are a ship at sea without a captain or compass? With all we have gone through, individually and collectively, these past 3 years, many of us feel stuck or without direction, lacking perhaps hope in the future or any tangible goals. Are you curious to know what might be blocking you in your life journey? Would you like more clarity to support growth in that process? Our new Biofield assessment technology cannot tell the future but can pick up on disruptions in our energetic field that can help us regain focus and put us back on track (or onto a totally new track) in exploring this great adventure of life.

New Technology. At Heights of Health, we recently added a new technology that can help you better understand yourself and where you are on “Life’s Journey.” We use this new biofield scan with some of our other wellness appointments, but we are using it along with our Holistic Therapy appointments to enhance the therapeutic process. In these appointments, we have the opportunity to shift your energy to better express your authentic self (your purpose, patterns, values, and beliefs) and bring balance to your inner state.

The Life Journey Assessment takes into account not only your emotional blocks but also subconscious blocks and blocks to the chakra energy flow. This 1.5-hour initial “Life Journey Assessment” comes with a personalized ‘Valentine’s gift’* during the month of February to help you give a little extra gift of love to yourself!



Happy Love Month! Here are some more ideas for loving YOU this month:

 This month, we are going to focus our love and appreciation inward. Self-love is not a selfish or vain action but one of kindness and compassion. The more love we have for ourselves, the more capacity we have to love others. Below, I’ve provided some ways to be more present, compassionate, and appreciative toward ourselves and others.


Cultivate Presence.


Take up space! You deserve to be seen and heard.

There are many reasons why we hold ourselves back or make ourselves small. Our world even tells us to value productivity over just being. When was the last time you were just with yourself with – no distractions? When we are present and not just “going through the motions” living on autopilot, we check in with ourselves. Are we moving towards the life we want, being the person we want to be?

A small step to loving ourselves more is just being with ourselves and noticing.  

This shift in awareness to “noticing” is one of curiosity and openness, and non-judgmental. My favorite way to cultivate presence is through yoga. It brings me into the present moment by focusing my attention on my body and breath while quieting my mind. I leave feeling more connected to myself and open to others. You don’t have to do yoga or meditate to cultivate presence. Your awareness practice can be anything that brings you back into the here and now; you just need to do it with intention. For example: savor your morning coffee, pause and notice your breath, look up on your daily walk.





As we practice noticing, we might become more present with stuff that’s uncomfortable (thoughts, feelings, body sensations, desires). Our knee-jerk reaction might be to judge them: good/bad, acceptable/unacceptable, right/wrong. We can start accepting ourselves more by noticing our thoughts, feelings, or situations in a non-judgmental manner.

I like using R.A.I.N. as a reminder of self-compassion when I am flooded with emotion or experiencing overwhelm.

  • Recognize – Pause. Realize what’s happening.

  • Allow – Bring focus to the uncomfortable thought/feeling/situation without judgment

  • Investigate - Ask (with kindness) “What is happening within me?” “What needs my attention right now?”

  • Nurture – When you give a little awareness and kindness, you nurture the parts that feel stuck. Give yourself or your body what it is asking for.

***If you open the door to something you don’t understand or is more than you can handle in the moment, acknowledge the feeling/thought/sensation and tell yourself that you will come back to it later.***

Embrace Yourself and the Other.

As humans, we experience it all: pain, suffering, grief, joy, love, and pleasure. We are all on different paths, and somehow, all a part of a whole. There is a connection in the shared human experience. As we learn to accept our authentic selves, including the messy, undesirable, hidden parts that we once rejected, we love ourselves more and have greater compacity to accept and love others.



Don’t miss this special opportunity this month; take advantage of our Life Journey Assessment and personalized “Valentine’s gift”* during the month of February with our Holistic Therapist, Peyton English, LMSW.

*Valentine’s gift will be one of three options with Peyton choosing what fits you best. The options are a personalized 15-minute meditation, customized TriVibrance Essential Oil Blend, or customized Feel Good Infoceutical. (Each a $30 value)